About indrani.net

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indrani.net is a website of an Indonesian couple Indi+Rani who lives away from their home country. Currently they live in Singapore.

Indi was born in Jakarta, Sep 1975 (A Virgo Rabbit). He is the bizdev of the house. He can be contacted through Flickr, FotograferNet, Friendster, ICQ, MSN, Orkut, Skype, TripodWeb, YahooMsgr, YahooPhotos.

Rani was born in Bandung, Apr 1978 (An Aries Horse). She the master planner of the house. She can be contacted in AIMMessenger (djojosoegito), del.icio.us, Flickr, FotograferNet, Friendster1, Friendster2, GeocitiesWeb, Hi5, ICQ, LinkedIn, Multiply, MSN, Orkut, Preople, Skype, Yahoo360, YahooMsgr, YahooPhotos.

Noe was born in Singapore, Mar 2005 (A Pisces Rooster). He is Indi and Rani's boss in the house. He can be contacted in Friendster, PhotoBlog, YahooMsgr.