First Malay Wedding

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Azlin invited us to come to her brother wedding. This is our first time coming to a malay wedding. Luckily, the Indosing-mums egroups discusses the culture and ethics of coming to a malay wedding in Singapore.

Unlike Indonesian wedding where we greet the wedding couple before proceeding to eating the food, Malay wedding doesn't have the bride and the groom when we arrived. We arrived quite early. We shook hand with the family members and proceed to take a seat in the long table. Don't forget to give the Angpao to the bride/groom immediate family members, usually the parents, beforehand. From there, we can get the food to eat.

Of course, the menu is traditional malay dishes, my favorite being mutton curry and acar. Oh so delicious! and Pulot hitam for dessert... sweet and tasty! Not forgetting Noe, he alsi enjoyed the food, through breastmilk!

Teddy and his gang also attended the party. They are all married 'bachelors', their wives wait in indonesia until they're ready to move to Singapore.

After that, the groom went out to pick up the bride from the bride's house. A group of drummers follow the groom.

Later, the groom arrived with the bride, and again, followed by the malay drummers. They sing several songs to walk the couple to their chairs. Click here for the video!

Then come the photo session. This is the Salem Family.

This is Azlin with Noe.

Back home, Noe plays with the reflection of himself.

And Yodhi's hat drowned Noe's head inside..


Weddings are always fun

Weddings are always fun especially if you have friends and family involved. I love to study the cultures of the world because of the travel bug I have. A lot of photos in the post are not available.

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