Last days of 2005

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To mark the end of 2005, allow us to present Noe's beautiful eyes of 2005

We attended Melissa's christmas tea event. We're amased to learn that she uses the occassion to raise fund for various Singapore volunteer programs, such as UNIFEM Singapore and HOME.

Bridget Lew gave her speech to mark the event. It was really touching that she shed tears during the speech for the suffering of domestic workers in Singapore.

As part of the event, the domestic workers from HOME contributed christmas songs and dances for the guests. Noe seemed to really enjoy the show by our sisters the domestic workers.

Two days before new year, Noe fell sick (and I was too) for the first time. He had a sudden onset of fever close to 40 degree. Luckily the next day, which is the day before new year, his temperature is back to normal, without the need to prescribe antibiotics. But of course, that day Noe was really lethargic too, so much unlike him.

So Noe spent the whole afternoon sleeping.

In the evening, we went on celebrating new years day in Dover Park View with Judhi family, Iwan family, and Widiyo family. We had fabulous lamb ribs BBQ, corn, Sup Tulang merah (haji kadir's from Golden Mile). I cooked rice pudding and potato salad, which wasn't bad at all. However, we didn't stay until midnight because Noe was getting really cranky, due to the fever he had the day before.


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