Noe's First Step

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Noe took his first step! Yes, like, walking step. Without holding onto anything. I (Rani) saw it myself. It was in the bedroom. He was standing in the middle of the bedroom. First, he stood up from sitting position, without holding onto anything. The next thing he lifted his left foot, take a small step forward.... he kept standing up very very briefly afterwards before falling into sitting position again. Well, it was a first step indeed, although it was not a complete walk yet.

Unfortunately I did not have a camera at hand, so I could not really document the moment. We'll try to document his next steps later, although not necessarily the first one.



Wow, that's a good

Wow, that's a good achievement to end the year.

Btw, Happy Yew Year to you and Noe!!

Noe's developments

I lurve your blogskin. I wish i m savvy enuff 2 do wat u guys have done. Good job!

Reading Noe's developments is like a sneak preview into my dd's next month deveopments. Noe is reaching his milestones faster than his peers. I'm sure u guys must be so proud of him!

Happy New Year!


Hi momhen! thanks for coming.. yeah noe reached his walking milestone relatively fast. but i think this may be hereditary, because Noe's dad also walked when he was 9mo. Nevertheless indeed we're really proud of Noe. Say hello to beautiful Kara baby!

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