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Ever since Noe developed his pincer grip ability about two months ago (since we returned from Jakarta), meal time has never been easy. Noe would insist that he can eat all by himself. Being a lazy mother, I complied to Noe's wishes and let him to take control over meal time.

That's why, we've been having difficult time to feed him with spoon. Noe would just shut his mouth off from external influences that try to put things into his mouth. I guess, we have to rely so much on finger food. Gerber made finger food, the veggie puff star-shaped grain, which Noe really love. But, I don't want to keep giving him the same thing. Other than this gerber stuff, there not much options, really. Cherrios and honey stars have loads of sugar and salt. We don't want to give Noe factory-made food anyway.

We don't have a problem giving him fruit and vegetable as finger food. Banana, albeit dirty, is his favorite finger food. As a solution, we just strip Noe naked on his feeding chair (leaving just a piece of diaper), so that the food won't make his clothes dirty. Besides, singapore warm weather permits Noe to stay naked without worrying that he would catch cold.

Papaya is also one of Noe's favorite finger food. Vegetable like sweet potato, cauliflower, carrot, and potato, are his favorite. For the greens, no choice, we have to mix it with cheese to suit Noe's demand. Apple, persimmon, peaches, all can be turned into finger food by steaming/microwaving it for a while to make it soft. Tofu, a bit tricky, can also be made into finger food. And also, egg yolks.

The problem come to when we needed to give him meat. Noe hasn't got any teeth yet. Any meat product surely would be to difficult for him to chew into a digestible form because it has too much hard fibers. Well, this is where the blender and food processor comes really handy! So let me present Noe's favorite food that comes from animal... chicken liver finger food! This one is really easy to make and one of Noe's favorite. This recipe is inspired by leberknoedel and liver pate.


  • Chicken Liver
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • A tiny bit of fresh herbs like basil

Chop onion and garlic in food processor. Blend in liver into the food processor. Pour the mixture into bowl thinly (about 1cm thick). Put the mixture in the microwave, covering it with moist towel/fabric, so that when the liver is cooked, it doesn't become too dry. Put on high for about 2-3 minutes. Cut into small pieces that should be easy to handle by babies.

The result is a nice liver cubes that will crumble and melt in baby's mouth. I mince the liver in the food processor before it is cooked, and not after. If the liver is cooked before being processed, the result is similar to liver pate, which is too soft and not firm enough to be finger food.

PS This recipe is also great for adult as canape or to be mixed with salad. You just need to add some salt and pepper though. Perhaps the result would also be nice if the mixture is baked rather than microwaved.

PPS I haven't tried to change the liver into chicken breast or fish or other kind of meat (make sure it is soft and does not contain big lumps), but I suppose it can be done.


thank you

baru aja baca tentang kesulitan noe makan dengan sendok, thank you banget atas resep finger food nya karna tysha (my baby-age 7 months) juga menolak sendok semenjak umurnya 5 bulan! dan akhirnya selalu makan biskuit... i will try that liver recipe and other organic finger food :)
thanks again rani :)

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