First Days of 2006

noe's picture

Let's start 2006 with this photo - Noe riding his walker bike (that can sing when the nose is pressed)!

On the second day of January, Noe has fully recovered from the fever. Indi took him for a far walk along the new Queensway extension using his new three-wheeler stroller bought from Julia (Asiaparents).

On Saturday, January 7th, we spent the morning at home chilling out, playing piano and sleeping while waiting until Menik arrives from Norway. I was practicing Bernstein's "America" when Noe insisted that he too wanted to play piano.

Tired playing piano, Noe fell asleep on the living room sofa with Indi.

Menik arrived early evening on the same day and from the airport we all went directly to Kampong Glam to have dinner. Before we went home, we bought a huge portion of Sup Tulang Merah from Haji Kadir. We were really eager to introduce the food to Menik, but turned out that it was too challenging for her.

Menik was also a really good piano teacher for Noe, as exemplified by her willingness to let Noe sit on the piano chair.

A few days later, Andika and Natasha visited us, where we introduced musical instruments to the little boy. Andika and Noe really had fun together with the indian drum.

Later, Jeffrey came to borrow Indi's winter clothes. His daughter, Shane Lei also came with him.

We and Jeffrey then went to Colbar for dinner. Luckily we arrived there when the sun was still around, so we manage to take Noe's photos on the Heritage Wall side.

After having a huge plate of ox liver steak with baked beans, we were really full and happy!

And then, exactly on the middle of the first month of January, Indi had a reunion with his high school friend Panca and Tata in Ayam Penyet Restaurant in Lucky Plaza. Having been traveling out of the country, Panca was really hungry for Indonesian food, and he finished up two portions of ayams.

After the lunch, we took a walk around lucky plaza and spotted this restaurant.

It caught our attention because "Kabayan" is an Indonesian (Sundanese) legend, who is pretty similar to Abu Nawas.


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