First Tooth

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Finally, Noe's tooth starts to grow! At last! Well, he's quite a late teether.. I (Rani) could feel a bony-hard thing on top of his gum. Unfortunately no picture can be taken just yet, because the tooth is not visible by human eye... and Noe does not like it if we push our fingers into his mouth... OK i better prepare my nipple to be bitten while breastfeeding.... any breast pain killer if this happens?


wah selamet Noe, udah jadi

wah selamet Noe, udah jadi 'bayi gede', udah tumbuh gigi :).
ga rewel atau anget2 kan badannya? Naila mah pas tumbuh geraham aja kena flu, kalo gigi lain ga.

Once their teeth starts to

Once their teeth starts to sprout, they might bite you. If he does, just unlatch him and give a stern "No, mummy doesn't like that." The pain is not so bad as compared to having both sets of upper and lower teeth, that's really "Ouch!"

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