Happy Birthday, Andika John!

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Andika is one year old already. Time goes by so fast! I recalled that it felt just like yesterday when Natasha and I both realised that we're pregnant. And then the babies were born. And then the first birthdays.Since we really enjoy making music, we would like to share our joy for music with Andika too. We got him a set of drum, maracas, tambourine, and castanets. Andika immediately had fun with the drums. Good, now we can form a baby band.

Oh BTW, I hope you still remember that Noe had just erupted his first tooth. You can see the tooth clearly here, on the bottom jaw, on the left side.

Yup, Noe happily played Andika's Maracas.

After lunch, we decided to have a dip in the pool since the weather was really good and sunny. Look how amazed Noe looking at the blue blue sky.

At first Noe wasn't really in the mood to jump into the pool. He'd rather stroll along the pool side, observing swimmers making splashes and waves. This is Noe's way of walking, he'd lift up his left arm to retain balance and catch himself when falling.

Finally the babies entered the shallow (50cm deep) pool for a dip in the hot day. Luckily the weather was really hot, so the baby can really spend a long time in the water without shivering. We had to keep holding the babies' hands, because they are still unable to figure out that they can't hold on to the water. Once we release the hands, Noe and Andi would try to grab the water and eventually lost their balance and finally dip their head underwater. Luckily we are right by their side to lift them out of the water with a little cough and choke. As you can see in the picture Noe had just drowned himself a bit, his hair was still wet.

After swimming, we just chill out by the pool...

Just before blowing the candle, Andi was quite upset about something. Perhaps he realised that he had graduated into toddlerhood, and it's just too much of responsibility...

One candle was enough for Andi. He seemed to be confused with what to do with the fire. Mummy came to the rescue...

All the guests said "Happy Birthday Andika John!"


Nice party.. And kids, they

Nice party.. And kids, they are always facinatd with water.

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