Riding an Apple, Riding a Tiger

noe's picture

We would like to welcome a new member of the family...

No, not the creature on the left. It is the black square creature on the right. What's that? It's an apple with a tiger inside it, waiting to be unleashed.We made an online order in Apple Store Singapore early in the morning, and it arrived early evening on the same day. Wow, that's fast. We then let Noe "deflower" the apple. It turned out, Noe preferred to be on top.

He slowly stripped the apple slowly and lovingly

Finally, the apple became totally naked!

Yee haw!

To make Noe's mature life more complete, we made him a house to live on.

Home sweet home.


wow... congratulations!!!

wow... congratulations!!!
i am jealous........
but i am actually craving of MacBookPro....


Good choice!

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