Triple Date and Playground

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Today we went for a triple date in Botanic Garden, and went to the playground in Dover. But before that, yesterday, we were just chilling out at home. Noe slept soundly on my belly, while I totally passed out.

On the bright sunny day three babies and their parents strolled along the path in Botanic Garden Singapore.

Indi and Noe went into the waterfall in the Ginger Garden.

We tried to make Noe walk on the grass patch. However, the grass patch was still wet with morning dew, and Noe seemed to be uncomfortable with it. It was his first time walking on wet grass. He was like, "EWWWWW.."

After the walk, we continued with breakfast at Cafe Les Amis. Noe walked around exploring the area, and he couldn't seem to cover his fascination over women's derriere (a particular talent that is inherited from the father).

And this is Noe with Thalia, together with Steve, Katrina, and Indi.

Later Femmy joined us for breafkast too, with the twins. Wow, Noe was really surrounded with baby girls today.

In the late afternoon, we went for a swim in Femmy's apartment. We took him into the deep adult pool. Noe really enjoyed being in the water with both of us, although he shivered a bit. We used the songs and games from the Marsden swimming class.

After the swim, we went to the playground where Noe rode his first spring-powered motorcycle.

We and Widiyo's family took our family pictures on the spiderweb in the playground.

Again, Noe is always amazed with women's legs

Noe was really happy to be tall on top of Widiyo's shoulder


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