Kai's birthday

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It was Kai Phipps first birthday on the fifth of February, so Noe came down to his house to join the celebration.

It took the whole toddler gang to teach a one-year old to blow a candle..

This is the Phipps family pics in a jovial birthday mood

On the same day, my brother Reza came on business trip to KL, via Malaysia. When we picked him up from a meeting with his friend, we had a chance to meet Mr. Jamiruddin Sircar, who was the President of Bangladesh. My brother's friend turned out to be the son of Mr. Sircar. We were amazed by how humble this former president was, when we met, he was just wearing t-shirt and sarong. The former first lady made tea and serve it to us with a plate of jacob's cracker. We had a nice long chat, and the Sircar family really fell in love with Noe.

After putting his suitcase in our house, my brother went off for another meeting with another friend. He was due to leave Singapore the on the sixth february in the morning. So, he only had a chance to take photo with Noe that morning. Here is the photo!


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