Walkable Cities?

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In the past, people walk to get to their destinations.

Currently, "walking" is a destination by itself. People would drive to a place, park their car, and then they would walk.

Are current "walkable cities" for real? Are there cities nowadays, that are not merely "tourist destinations" but are able to fulfill various needs just by walking?


SF is the answer!

San Francisco is pretty much a walkable city. You can walk to work, school, library, restaurants, or grocery stores. Sometimes you'll even see people walk home from grocery stores complete w/ the cart that they borrow (steal?) from the store. Oh, you shouldn't be mistaken with homeless people who happen to be pushing around their cart with their entire-life-belongings in it though.

There are parts of SF that is not as walkable as the rest of the city, for example the Sunset and Richmond Districts. But other than that, walking is pretty much a part of daily lives.

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