Worst flu

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This week I was down with my worst flu ever since I left Indonesia (2001 that is). I started to have a sore throat on Monday early evening, then I had a sudden onset of a really bad fever later at night. WARNING!!! Don't continue to read this entry if you're easily disgusted because I'm gonna be quite graphic in describing what happened.

I didn't know how high the fever was, but surely it was unusually high, because even Noe was shocked by finding hot-breast and reluctant to attack the breast for his night milk feeding. In the next morning, just before we went to doctor, Indi checked my temperature and got 38.8 degrees, even though I felt better than the night before. So, my fever during the night could easily be above 39 degree.

The doctor was puzzled because she couldn't find any sign of flu such as runny nose etc. I told her that I had sore throat, but she couldn't find any ulcer around the tonsil and pharynx. She concluded that it was viral flu and gave me medicine to bring down the fever, and ask me to rest for two days.

Indi was really kind to take leave from work to take care of Noe while I'm resting. He also prepared the food and clean up the house while I'm sick. Of course, he also used the opportunity to watch three DVD movies in a row...

The next day, the bad fever had subsided and only left with minor fever just above 38. But my sore throat had gotten worse. With the help of hot honey tea and lozenges, I managed to loosen the phlegm that stuck inside the pharynx, just right inside the tonsil and spat it out on to a piece of paper towel. I was shocked that the phlegm was a big blob of brownish bloody gooey stuff with streak of greenish gooey stuff, about the size of the tip of the thumb, with a solid lumpy texture of tiny interlinked globs, rather than thick runny texture of a normal phlegm. Sorry for being so graphic here but I have never ever had such a bad phlegm in my life before.

I was quite freak out that I immediately reached out for the phone and call Doctor Femmy. She calmly explained to me that the blood streak is quite normal if I try to loosen the phlegm by pushing my breath too hard. Luckily, after the big blob of phlegm was released, I felt slight relief around my throat area.

The next day the fever totally went away. The phlegm has started to become a little bit more runny in texture, although the color was still green with streaks of blood.

On the fourth day, which is last Friday, the phlegm does not change. Moreover, the pharynx situation was getting wrose. I felt half-deaf, my ear canal felt blocked. So I went back to the doctor. This time, the doctor saw that there was irritation / infection and swelling around the tonsil, that made me feel deaf. Finally the doctor gave me antibiotic (amoxiclav 625 10 pills for 5 days) and some other medicine to reduce swelling, sore throat, etc. I felt like an old lady because I had to swallow all those medicine. Luckily the doctor did not charge for consultation fee this time (perhaps because it's second visit?) but the antibiotic pills were really expensive.

Now is the fifth day and my phlegm has become a bit more runny and less in quantity, but the color is still disgustingly green... although the streaks of blood are not as many as before. The throat felt better, still feeling a bit deaf but not as bad as before.

Perhaps some people think that I got this disease as God's punishment for my lack of piousness... because I'm not enraged by the cartoon controversy ...


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