Breast Milk Cheese

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Ever since I went to France to learn french ten years ago, I changed from a cheese-hater into a cheese-lover. How could I not! Everyday for three weeks my host parents (Les Delforges de Reims) indulged me with french food, and closed the lengthy dinner session (which can last up to two hours) with a plate of various cheese, consisted of different kinds of cheese, from Camembert, Brie, swiss cheese which has holes in it, blue cheese, smelly cheese, etc. It was quite challenging, but if I want to learn about the french, I gotta eat what they eat. Until now, my favorite is Camembert Cheese which should be slightly aged.

I guess that's what Hericz (an avid cheese-hater) should do if he wants to start to eat cheese :> But it's undeniable that in order to love cheese you need to develop an acquired taste.

I also attempted to make cheese, which has been successful for several times. I made the easiest type of cheese, which is Paneer a.k.a. Cottage Cheese. This type of cheese is then cooked as curry or whatever indian food, and has a consistency similar to Tofu. It can be fried or baked or anything, basically what you can do to Tofu you would be able to do to Paneer too.

It was pretty easy to make paneer actually. What you need is just milk and lemon juice. In short, just boil the milk, then add lemon juice, and VOILA! The milk separates into curd and whey. Gather the curd and press to make it more solid. There you have paneer. In the meantime, you can use the whey to cook rice, it actually tastes really delicious. You can find step-by-step instruction on making Paneer here, with pictures too.

My extensive experience in making Paneer compelled me to try something different, that is, making Paneer out of my own breastmilk. Basically this is human cheese. Why would I do that? Well, basically, there are about twenty bags (each 150ml) of frozen breastmilk in the fridge, and they have passed their three months drinkability period, which means I would not be able to donate the milk like I did before. But the milk is still less than six month old, which is the actual expiry date. So what do I do with it? I could make cream soup like I did several months ago. But I really wanted to try something different, and making Breast Milk Paneer sounds really exciting.

And also, I have googled about this. Although people contemplated and imagined about it, nobody ever actually attempted to make breast milk cheese.

So I started by emptying three liters of frozen milk into a cooker, and simmering it until it boiled.

So far so good, the milk boiled beautifully. You could see that breast milk looks less creamy than full cream cow milk, less white in colour, and more watery.

Just like when I'm making paneer, I added lemon juice at just the right time when it boils. Then I stirred the milk, waiting until curdle was formed.

I waited, and waited, and waited, no curdle was formed although the milk turned a bit more yellow. So I added more lemon juice, this is what I usually do if the cow milk does not curdle.

I added and added and added more lemon juice until I ran out of lemons, and I stirred and stirred and stirred, but the milk stood still.

Out of desperation because I ran out of lemons, I pour in a dash of vinegar too. Still, no change to the milk. I became really desperate and pour the whole bottle of vinegar! Nothing happened.

At that point in time, I gave up. I couldn't believe it! I am an experienced Paneer maker, by the way!

Then I decided to google about what maybe the cause of my problem.

And I found the answer. It turned out that breast milk can not curdle, because the protein content is lower, and because the protein in breast milk is more easily digested compared to cow's milk. That's why, unmodified cow's milk is unsuitable for babies. And on the other hand, adding acid to further 'digest' breastmilk protein won't curdle the milk.

So, the moral of the story, YOU CANNOT MAKE CHEESE OUT OF BREASTMILK. Don't even try.

I was really sad that I needed to throw away three liters of my own milk. There's basically nothing I could do with the milk-acid mix, that smelled like DISGUSTING PUKE (because of the vinegar). I could actually add baking soda to neutralize the acid condition, but I already lose confidence on the milk itself. So, my three liters went into the grass patch in front of my home entrance. I should've tried with only two bags of breastmilk before deciding to cook all three liters of it, and then I would be able to do other experiments with the other bags of breast milk.

I suppose, making breast milk yogurt / human yogurt would be possible, although I don't think it would be as creamy as cow's milk yogurt. I suppose breast milk yogurt would be really runny. And I think breast milk butter / human yogurt would be possible but you'd need liters and liters of fresh breast milk to start off. Definitely you could make cream soup out of breast milk, and perhaps milk shake and smoothies too. Or as pancake. Many things !


Breast Milk Soup

Curdled Stomach

Uhhh the thought of human cheese curdles my stomach.


I was actually talking to my boyfriend about this concept a few minutes ago. Thank you for having tried this and clearing up our theories. :)

Every day.

Every day.

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Wow, this is bizarre to me. I never considered breastmilk to be of any use other than feeding one's own baby. I never thought about people selling it or cooking with it in dishes to be consumed by adults. My first instinct was to be repulsed, but after thinking a while, I suppose stranger things happen every day. Even drinking Cow's milk is more strange afterall.

In any case, good luck!

hello! Right now i am doing


Right now i am doing my project in human milk. what u said was right human milk has protein only 1.1% where as cow"s milk has 3.4% . Cow's milk contain excess sodium and potassium which may put a strain on an infants immature kidneys. In addition, the protein and fats in whole cow's milk are more difficult for an infant to digest and absorb than the ones in breast milk.

My project deals with the isolation of micro organism involved in human milk that is streptococcus species they are also called as lactic acid bacteria they have the ability to ferment sugars to lactic acid. This is the concept behind Probiotics where the good bacteria number is increased in the gut.

So i land up in your page when i was collecting information for my project nice attempt and i am not much good in the concept of cheeses making but what i did was i collected the milk from the mother and poured some drops in cow's milk and kept for 37 degree and the milk curdled this is called as primary and i transferred this primary to another milk sample to get secondary this mainly done to minimize other unwanted organism and as u age the curd the curd value is also improved. I believe u may try this in ur process no idea how it is going to work lol !

Breast Milk for sale

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This helped...

I have been curious about many things for a long long time. And recently I asked this Q to my girlfriend. Initially it shocked her but in time told her how we have never thought of this thing before, and its a valid scientific curiosity Qn.

And THANK YOU SO MUCH for trying it out so now I know a bit more about what breast-milk contains and whats possible/or not with it.

And for people who think this is gross, read more, keep yourself informed, open your mind and as someone said before, Friends, Keep Curious.


Im kinda disgusted at this experiment but at the same time intrigued. Its like when after you puke you want to see if your puke has any recognizable contents from what you ate earlier. This story reminds me of that Fight Club scene where they made soap from lipo-sucked fat.

hmmm: Youre an idiot. Educate

hmmm: Youre an idiot. Educate yourself and you will grow.

Breast milk is the MOST nutritionally sound and natural thing a human can process.

human milk

WTF am i going to do with 6 gallons of beast milk now? Do you know how hard it is to get that much human milk? I don't even what to get into how. My wife is going to be so upset about this. I told her we could make money off this!!!
Now her beast look like crap for nothing.

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Very Interesting...though I din't like

Ghosh!! I never thought someone would try out like these things. To me, breastmilk is something goes directly to the baby... I would ever imagine someone would do boiling or try making something else with it... coffee with breast milk Ah. I appreciate your scientific thinking. But it did go over my head.

Wholesale supplies

mothers cheese

Hi fascinating article here.

I know I am YEARS late in responding, but I had to tell you .


Yes, a chef used his wife's breast milk and made real cheese!
Perhaps it a different kind of cheese using a using a different process?
I don't know but here's the link:

Perhaps you can try again using his methods.

-CIAO, Jeremiah

Wish it would have work out for you.

I think it was a great idea.. I tasted an exgirl friends milk and it was good and I hate cows milk! Its unnatural for humans to drink a cows milk..mothers milk was actually made for humans. Id love to try it again.

Breast Milk

There have been a few things said that have stumped me , the ones that have made some statments have a comp or they would not be able to post.
I just do not understand why they do not use the comp to do some research.
First... Human Breast Milk Is Healthy For A Human And Cows Milk Is Healthy for A Cow
Breast Milk Is Used To Help People With Low Imuine Systems To Build It UP.
There Are Things In Breast Milk That Is For The Human Body That You Are Post To Have.
The Lady That Freeked At The Though Of Some Man Drinking Her Breast Milk To Get His Kicks. So What Its Healthy And Who Are We To Judge Its Healthy and Nothing Wrong With It As Long As They Do Not Afect You Live And Let Live ( Beats Doing Drugs ) I Have Never Heard of Drinking It Just To Get Kicks, May Have Happened But Never Heard Of It Just To Get Kicks If You Have A News Story Or Something In Print I Would Like For You To Post The Link As That Is So Rare That I Can Not Find It And Would Like To Read It, Now People Can Get A *** Felling *** From Drinking Breast Milk It Has A Soothing Afect And Seems To Excite Certen Parts Of The Brain But This Is Mostly Found In Females More Than Males So That Story Would Be A Interesting Read.

If someone is sick try giving them some breast milk and see if they do not improve some, it does not cure everything but it can help your body fight back.
And Breast Milk is Different From The Time You Start Lactating To The Time You Stop When You First Start You Produce Something that sounds Like Co- los- trom ( Sorry My Spelling Is Not What It Should Be ) That First Is Very Imporant, It Jump Starts The Imuine System And Is A Different Color Shade ( A Little Darker ) And It Is A Little Thicker Also.

Just Do Some Research And You Will Find That Breast Milk Is A Wounder And Not Full If Additives and Fillers One Of The Few Things Left That Is The Way It Was Made To Be, The Only Reason That Cows Milk Is Used Is Because Of The OLD Hangups Of The Past.
The Ones That Have A Problem With It Need To Grow Up and Do Some Research. Human Breast Milk Is For Humans To Consume It Is A Food Type Made To Be Consumed.
The Stuff A Cpl Others Spoke of Is From The Male Body And Is Not Made To Be Consumed And Is Not A Food Sorce
And Should Not Even Be In The Topic.
Just My Two Cents And A Little Research

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