Easy Singapore Gumbo

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This recipe is adapted from Gumbo Pages
This recipe is adapted to suit the availability of ingredients here, and to suit my unwillingness to spend five hours making gumbo broth.


  • 1.5L water
  • Three chicken cubes
  • Water
  • Salt to taste
  • Half teaspoon of Peppercorns
  • Half teaspoon of oregano
  • Half teaspoon of basil
  • 300 grams prawn, separate the shell, head, and the meat
  • One Onion, chopped
  • Six stalks of Celery, chopped
  • A few stalks of green onion, chopped
  • Two green Paprika, chopped
  • Eight ladyfingers
  • Four tbs Plain Flour
  • 50grms butter

Put 1.5 liter of cold water in cooker, mix in the chicken cubes, water, and the herbs. Put the prawn shells and head into cheesecloth bag and immerse in the chicken stock mix. Simmer.

In the mean time, chop the vegetable and set aside. Group onion, paprika, celery, and green onion together.

After the vegetable is ready, prepare the Roux.

To make the Roux:

Melt butter, mix in the flour, and stir until everything is well mix. Keep stirring over small fire until the mix changed from light yellow color into peanut butter color with thick consistency just like a thick soup. The mixture would have nice buttery nutty smell. Be careful not to overcook or burn the mixture, keep stirring and watch.

In the mean time, take out the cheesecloth bag containing prawn head and shell out of the broth.

Then you can do either:

  1. Mix in onion, paprika, celery, and green onion into the roux until they become a bit soft, then put this mixture into the broth; or
  2. Mix in the roux into the broth and stir well. Then sautee the onion, paprika, celery, and green onion separately until they become soft, then mix them into the broth mixture.

Let the onion, paprika, celery, and green onion broth mixture cook for, say, half an hour over small fire. Then mix in the ladyfingers. Simmer for another half an hour. You can do other things in the mean time, like, taking a shower or having sex.

Ten minutes before serving, mix in the prawn meat (de-veined). Prawn should be last to avoid overcook.

Pour generous amount of gumbo over hot white rice to serve. Sprinkle with Tabasco sauce to taste. Even Mas Indi said that the gumbo tasted authentic! Yeah!

Actually I wanted to write down about Noe’s birthday party but haven’t got a time to really sit down and edit the pictures, I’ll do this later and backdate the entry. Later. Damn, my works are piling up!


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