First Clap

noe's picture

Just now, Noe deliberately clapped his hands, for the first time.

He has tried to clap his hands for the longest time, but somehow either the hands just clasped to one another, or the hands do not meet.

But now he managed to synchronize his awareness for clapping! Yeah! Now the whole house can make hand clapping noise!

BTW we forgot to write that when Noe was about 9 months, along with starting walking, he managed to descend from the bed (about 50cm high) properly, by pushing his butt backward and slowly landing using his two feet. We actually train him to do it, by placing him on the bed edge, and slowly move his feet to hang on the air, and let gravity pull his body downward, landing on feet first, while Indi or I hold his hand to avoid falling or losing his balance. So, parents, it's possible to teach your baby to descend from bed, ever since your baby started to crawl. Slowly, Noe practiced this descending technique in sofa and other places such as staircases.

And just one and a half month ago, Noe managed to climb up to the bed and sofa using the reverse technique from the above. Noe discovered this technique by himself.

Kids are really amazing. They are smarter than you think.


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