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As a mom and the cook in the house, I constantly think on how technology and internet can help daily chores at home. There are so many kinds of technology out there, but they are rarely integrated as a seamless system that helps everyday tasks.There are two possibilities when someone is thinking about what to cook for dinner. Either he look at the cookbook then buy food ingredients to make it, or he look at the fridge and think of something that can be made out of whats available. How often do you wish that you can keep track of whats inside your fridge? No matter how organized my fridge is, I keep forgetting what in it. As a result, I couldnt plan my shopping properly, and ended up buying duplicate items. Sometimes, I ended up not cooking something, thinking that I did not have the ingredients, whereas in fact I could have found it stuck at the back of my fridge. I wish my daily life could be more organized. So, lets just daydream a bit here. And lets hope google would want to take these ideas on board.

I hope google would index all the food recipes available on line. But not just indexing the content of the page, google should also create database based on the ingredients and materials used in the recipe. Then, the ingredients database is then linked to an application called google fridge.

What is this google fridge thingy? Its your personal grocery inventory list in google. When you log into the google system you would be taken to your google fridge page, which lists all the food and household items that you currently havein your fridge, and perhaps in your other food cabinets. Based on that, google fridge can do a few things:

First, it would keep track of the recipes you have searched and used over time, and from there it would understand your meal preference and eating behaviour. You can also input your own recipes and meal preference there. Kosher? Halal? Vegetarian? Or planning to go on diet? Let google fridge be your meal organizer.

Second, it will suggest recipes to be used for the day based on the ingredients that you have in your fridge and cabinet. This is where the ingredients database and the grocery inventory list are linked together. Also, google would have this smart thing that can adjust the ingredients calculation of the recipes in its database to different number of servings, based on your preferences. For example, if you have eggs and cheese in your fridge, google would suggest that you cook cheese omelet. Of course you can also search the recipe using the ingredients keywords independently.

Third, it would keep track of the ingredients utilization from your fridge based on the recipe you have used everyday. For example, when you put cheese omelet in your google fridge journal, google would automatically deduct two eggs and 100gr cheese from your inventory. From there google would suggest a shopping list, which is synchronizeable with my PDA. So, when tomorrow I go to the supermarket, I will remember that I need to buy eggs and cheese to refill my fridge. This application would also have expiry alarm, so you would remember to use the ingredients before they are expired, although theyre hidden in the deepest part of the fridge.

To push this application further, supermarket would need to use digital receipt rather than printer receipt. This digital receipt is uploaded to your PDA, which is then synched to your financial software to keep track of your expenses, and with google fridge to instantly update your list. Or, the receipt can be instantaneously uploaded to google from the cashier itself, perhaps by swiping a special identity cardat the cashier counter (or using biometric technology).

This application would become even more seamless if integrated with smart fridge and smart cabinet that are linked to the internet. The fridge, that knows what inside it, would automatically upload its content information to google fridge.

Hopefully, life will become easier with it.


bukannya ide seperti ini

bukannya ide seperti ini sudah ada yang mempraktekkan ya? kayanya kok pernah baca atau nonton (lupa). tapi baru untuk komunitas terbatas
*lirik kulkas di rumah*

kulkas pintar

lirik komen mbak lita. iyah bener udah ada kok. kapan hari liat di pusat elektronika ada kulkas gede banget yang kata penjualnya kulkas pinter karena bisa dikontak dari pda/pc di kantor bagi ibu2 wanita karir hehehe... cuman ya itu deh kadang di indonesia banyak barang kereb cuman either infrastructure ga mendukung atau end usernya gaptek aka itu kulkas keren cuman pajangan mwihihi..

salam kenal dari sesama merdekanian ;)

iya sih dulu pernah liat di

iya sih dulu pernah liat di TV. tapi apa kulkas tsb bisa ngasih saran resep-resep, dan bisa search resep di google? :>

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