Noe and Toilet

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Something surprising happened to us this morning. Noe walked by himself to the bathroom/toilet and pee on its floor.

(For background info, these past two weeks we let Noe diaperless and barebottomed where possible, in order to study his elimination needs. We got 50% success rate so far of carrying him to the bathroom to encourage him to do it. The other 50% were accidents on the living room floor)

I hope this is not just one-time "accident", but I really hope that he really understands that bathroom/toilet is for pee and poo. Hopefully slowly I could make him do it in potty rather than bathroom floor.

BTW Noe has progressed a lot in his language ability. Since about two months ago he started to clearly articulate sounds like "mama", "papa", "ibrrrr", "wawa", "tata". However, we didn't think that he was really trying to talk in a language, we thought that he was just babbling meaninglessly. That's why we didn't write it in the blog.

Eventually, it appeared that there is some kind of pattern in the way he talks though. Like, when he wants to drink milk he would say "mamamama", or when he wants to drink water from the glass he would say "wawawawa" (imitating the movement of the mouth when drinking from glass). It appears that he also use "mama" to call me, and "baba" to call Indi. But we don't know where he got this from, because we always teach him to say "ibu" to me, and "bapa" to me. His baby sitter call me "mommy", so I really don't know where did Noe got the word "mama" to call me from.

We still don't know whether he was really talking using "language" or he was just babbling. What we do know, aside of the vague linguistic pattern mentioned above, Noe also knows how to imitate vocal sounds. For example, if I teach him to say "ibu" he would immediately imitate me by saying "ah-brrrrr". Or whenever I said "mama" or "baba" he would also say those words.


Kalo dia bisa bicara lebih

Kalo dia bisa bicara sejelas ibu dan bapaknya...pasti lebih mengejutkan lagi, seperti bayi ajaib :d

heheh selamat ya Noe,

heheh selamat ya Noe, finally udah tau apa gunanya kamar kecil :D.
Naila kalo malem masih bocor juga euy..

btw, anaknya Yani juga diajarin manggil 'Ibu' & 'Ayah', tapi manggil emaknya skrg 'Mama'. gampang kali yaaa? tapi Naila ga pernah pake fase manggil 'Mama' tuh. dulu banget 'Bu-aaa', trus 'Bu-taaa', lama2 bisa juga 'Bunda' :D

Kayaknya asyik ya punya anak

jadi pengin :D

wah hebat udah banyak

wah hebat udah banyak kemajuan setelah 2 minggu. kita juga lagi potty training tapi belum banyak kemajuan. yang ada, setiap anak gw mau pipis, dia malah ambil pembersih karpet karena tau bakal basahin karpet :D

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