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Late afternoon today, I took MRT to Jurong East while carrying Noe in the babybjorn carrier. Noe was really getting heavy for a carrier! It was unusually crowded for that time of the day. I walked towards the seat intended for "people who need it more than you do". There are two students there, from one of the prestigious junior college. I stood right in front of them. Apparently those two students were a bit annoyed by my presence, hence they were trying hard to avoid any eye contact with me. Hmm.

A while later, I took out my phone, which happened to be a camera phone, to check out my schedules in the calendar. Moments later, the two students seemed panicked, and once the train stopped at the next station they quickly got out of the train.

I overheard them saying:

"Hey, why are we getting off at this station?"
"Did you see that lady? She was going to take our photos because we did not give up the seat!"

I really really hope that this far-from-courteous behaviour is not a common behaviour among JC students, especially from that prestigious school. I mean, they're supposed to be highly educated right? They would continue to university here or abroad or at the ivy league. But do they really need to be bluffed by a cameraphone to give out your seats to the needy? Moreover, I wasn't going to take your photos at all (I was going to get off train only a few station later, so at that time I didn't really need a seat).

I had experienced being denied a seat when I really needed it, when I was nine-month pregnant. But at that time, I sorta accepted the fact that the guy was one uneducated ah-beng, so perhaps I should not expect him to be that courteous.

But JC students? What do they learn in school?

Anyways, pregnant women, here are the tips to get a seat on the train.

  1. Stand up in front of the seats designated for the needy
  2. If it doesn't work, rub your tummy to emphasise the fact that you're pregnant
  3. If it doesn't work, stare at the guy sitting there for as long as you can
  4. If it doesn't work, take out your camera phone, and aim
  5. If it doesn't work, click on the camera phone button. Later, publish it in your blog
  6. If it doesn't work, pretend that you are about to faint, preferably knock onto the guy sitting in that seat
  7. If all of those doesn't work, tap the guy's shoulder, and ask for the seat




and what's to follow if photos get taken, published?



When I was preggie, I intentionally went to the middle of the cabin and stood in front of the seated passengers so that I could be seen full view by the rest. Works most of the time. Haha!

irritating huh?

irritating huh? you can send the photos to if there's no specific folder, ask them :) then we shall see how many humans who are stupid enough to use the needy seats while the needy is around.

Be Assertive!

What makes it so difficult to ask? Most people are heedless, unobservant and in need of a b*tch-slap or some. I'd just kindly ask for a seat and couldn't care less if they hate me for that. We need to be assertive.

ran, langsung aja ke point

ran, langsung aja ke point no.7, tepok tuh orang..hehehehhe..rese emang orang2 yg kaya gitu !!


sangat ironis, di negara spt singapore, masih org2 muda dan berpendidikan yang tidak punya etika. pengalamanku di belanda dan terutama di sini (US), orang2 sangat aware masalah tempat duduk u/ the needy. dengan sigap org2 biasanya memberikan tempat duduk di bis/train begitu melihat org2 tua, handicap, hamil, atau bawa anak masuk.
why it doesn't work in singapore (let alone indonesia)? that's a very interesting thing to find out.

Typical Singaporeans

Sad to say, that type of behavior is usually normal.
-Just a random passerby.

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