Arrived in Jakarta

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We flew to Jakarta for our cousin Bimo's wedding. This is Noe’s third trip to Jakarta. We flew using valuair, which we mistakenly bought three months in advance, not knowing that one month prior to departure Valuair gave special discount. Moral of the story: don’t buy air ticket far in advance.Ibu Tuti and Bapak Hindro and Neo picked us up at the airport. At home we had Nasi Gudeg for lunch, home made by our great cook Atik. It’s been quite a while, like, two years ago, since the last time I had gudeg.

We then continued to Siskanggi’s house where we’re going to spend the night, to put our luggage and take a short break. We met Neo’s little turtle in the backyard who likes eating vegetable and eats really fast (he had a big chunk of cucumber in only ten minutes). This shy little fella always hides his head into the shell when we approach him.

In the late afternoon we went to Bintaro driving range for a golf practice prior to hitting the green tomorrow. Well, I spent most of the hours chasing Noe. At first Noe was very cautious about his new surrounding, but after fifteen minutes, he’s all over the place and I had to prevent him from touching dirty surfaces. On the other hand, Neo had the opportunity practicing swing using his new clubs.

My other pleasure in Jakarta public place is .. eating food from road side peddlers. In the driving range there is this Sate Padang seller. Note: sate padang is made from spiced cow innards in skewers which is grilled over charcoals and eaten with lontong rice cake and yellow spicy sauce (like curry sauce, but thicker and tastes a bit tangy). It was delicious for me who didn’t have sate padang since three years ago, even though the meat cuts were really tiny. And surprisingly, Noe too liked sate padang. Nevermind the burning hot taste of the sauce! Noe nibbled all cow liver and meat in the skewers.

After having sate padang, Noe proceeded to the putting green to play with golf balls. Then a four year old boy joined him in the putting green and forced to use the hole where Noe plays even though there are four holes there. Basically he bullied Noe, he even hit him (although it was not really impactful). Luckily Noe didn’t understand yet that he’s being bullied. I rushed to take Noe away from that spoiled brat. I was really angry! The mother was just a few meters away and did nothing about it.

After finishing the driving session, we continued to have dinner at Swike Purwodadi, which served various kinds of frog legs dishes. It was simply delicious. We ordered swike (frog legs cooked in thick fermented soy soup), frog legs with butter-soy sauce, deep fried frog legs, and stir-fried vegetable. I can’t find anything like this in Singapore! We drank Indonesian pure fruit juice which is mostly sweet and just slightly tangy. And at this restaurant I found home-made sweet soy sauce which I would write about in a separate article.

We went home with full stomach and had a great night sleep.


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