Hours on the Road

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Indi went for a game of golf with bapak Hindro early in the morning and went back home just before lunch. We decided to borrow a car from om Kono. We then drove to Pondok Indah Mall to have lunch with the Tobings at the Indonesian Restaurant at the third floor. I forgot the name, but this restaurant serves all kinds of Indonesian traditional food. When we arrived there we bought some dolls as gift for the Tobing babies. We also went to a CD store at the second storey, where we found Nial Djuliarso at Djulliard, er, I mean Julliard, for a fraction of a price compared to buying the CD in Singapore (from Marko).

Then we met the Tobings. Baby Tio looks so much like his father! Since we already had lunch at home, we were just having some snack there (well, sate ayam can be considered as snack, you know!).

After the Tobings left to rush to the airport, we went to Hero to buy some grocery shopping to take to Singapore, such as refill packages of Kecap Bango and Bumbu Inti. We just realized that the price of groceries in Jakarta is the same or more expensive than Singapore! I cant imagine just how expensive is living cost in Jakarta.

We then drove for almost two hours to Harapan Kita (Our Hope Hospital) to visit my dad. My dad had just got ballooned in his heart (I really dont know whats the correct term for this and too lazy to google either). Too bad, Noe couldnt enter the ward so Indi and I had to take turn in visiting my dad. Luckily, the Motorola Handy Talkie helped us to communicate within short range.

While I was waiting for Indi, I saw this guy on a wheel chair (his age was about 40 something) and his wife. Apparently the guy was having some kind of a heart disease. Then the guy called his daughter, but the phone call ended up into a fight between this guy and his teenage daughter. Apparently the daughter was having some kind of psychological trouble as a teenager and wasnt really getting along with the father. I could hear the father was yelling on the phone Hey, I am now sick and almost die, please dont behave like this to me. I was just stunned watching the whole episode.

Anyway, my dad condition was well after ballooning. He still needed to bed rest for one day before getting back to work full speed.

We then drove back to Pondok Indah Mall for dinner appointment with Pak Pudjo. We went to Duck King and it was really delicious! Highly recommended. In the mean time, Noe was playing in front of PIM XXI cinema. Noe was trying to play with some older children, but apparently, the older children didnt think Noe was cool enough to play with them, and was always mocking Noe. I was really enraged with such behavior deep in my heart. I really dont understand why these Jakarta kids could be so heartless and did not behave well, they seemed to be really spoiled.

After such a great dinner we ended the day with iced coffee in Coffee Bean. We were really tired at the end of the day because of the long driving hours. In reality, we didnt drive far. But the jam was unbearable. I thought to myself that I wouldnt be able to live in Jakarta with such inefficiencies. I would be really stressed.


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