Sawangan Vendetta

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Indi woke up early to hit the golf course in Sawangan. I woke up a few hours later, and gave Siska her gift from ikea: a stovetop espresso maker. She then made a brew of Irian Organic Coffee, which really tasted strong, to my liking. I had chicken flavored oatmeal for breakfast while Noe had green pandan bread. At 8 am Ibu Tuti picked us up to drive to Sawangan to swim.

At the pool, I realized that I forgot to bring a towel. I had to buy the towel from the shop near the changing room. Practically not many people swim using 'normal' swimsuit. At the most, the ladies swim using swimsuit and shorts over it. Many people swim in t-shirt and shorts, even the guys. And interestingly, I saw quite a number of women wearing a muslim swimsuit. It is basically a bodysuit that covers the hair, and covered with a thin garb to obscure the shape of the body. This muslim swimsuit is of dark color to minimize the visibility. I'd say it works quite okay However, if you have a great voluptuous body, no matter what kind of swimsuit you wear, you would still appear voluptuous. Anyway, I felt I was wearing the least fabric in that swimming pool.

After half an hour, Noe gets tired so we decided to just hang around by the pool. Then we joined Indi and Bapak Hindro at the restaurant and had a great fresh cold young coconut. We had a great sundanese food at lembur kuring: deep fried gurame (really great!) and grilled gurame with special sauce (not so great, too much herbs), fried tofu and tempe (as usual), lalap (raw vegetable) and especially for me: fried petai (smelly green bean). All are served with freshly ground sambal in tiny cobeks. For best taste, eat using your fingers! Fresh orange juice complements well with the dishes.

This is Noe in the restaurant, playing on the slide:

Back at home in Bintaro before the wedding meeting, Noe tried to help Eyang Putri in gardening:

At the end, the babies had an afternoon shower in an unconventional way. This is Nissa with the hose:

And this is Noe and Nissa (sorry, guys, censored)

We then attended Bimo's wedding meeting at Bimo's house where Noe had a chance to meet his aunts and uncles and grannies and gramps.

After the meeting and after putting Noe to bed, I went to the cinema with Siskanggi to watch V is for Vendetta. It's quite an entertaining movie. It's rich in British accent, which I like. However there is not much twist in the storyline, it's too linear. And the philosophical metaphor part is not as kicking as the first Matrix.


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