Do Most Singapore Drivers Stop at STOP Signs?

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My answer:

No, most Singapore drivers do not stop at STOP signs. And they don't care. In fact, failing to stop at STOP sign is highly dangerous (and could be deadly) especially to crossing pedestrians.

Surprisingly, I rarely see anyone follow the STOP sign rule in Singapore. If you do see drivers making a full stop at the sign, please give them two thumbs up. But if they don't, please yell at them (some friendly gestures which I have done many times on the driveway outside the JTC Summit building).

Since I don't always see it being enforced by the authority or by local community, I thought I should help them by posting some video clips of the illegal manoeuvres I often see in Singapore. I can show you that 99.9% of the time they don't stop. And I personally encourage the authority to treat this issue as seriously as they do for 'red light running' cases).

You Gotta Know How to STOP

In all countries, the driver MUST actually stop at stop signs even if no vehicles or pedestrians are visible. However, most drivers in Singapore practice the illegal manoeuvre known as a rolling or "California" stop: slowing down significantly but not stopping completely at the sign.

I believe most Singaporeans do not know (or are uninformed about) the following rule:

Disobeying/Failing to confirm to Stop sign violates Section 120 (1) (B) of Road Traffic Act, Cap 276 with fines between S$70 and S$100.

Do you want learn more about STOP signs?

Stop signs, usually based on the American design, are found all over the world, although in Europe they tend to be used far more sparingly than in North America (with most intersections lacking traffic lights being controlled by give way signs or equivalent road markings), stop signs generally being restricted (on the principle that "familiarity breeds contempt") to situations where coming to a dead stop is absolutely essential because of poor visibility at the intersection concerned.

So now, please tell me: do you stop at STOP signs when you drive in Singapore?


No I don't stop at the STOP

No I don't stop at the STOP sign. That's stupid.
I alway stop before the STOP sign.

Cannot agree with you better

Cannot agree with you better Judhi...hehehe car nearly got hit by another car coz he NEVER STOP before the STOP sign...and we whole family nearly end up if you happen to see the black marks on the road near Onan road...dats mine! hehehe

Perhaps it's due to SG culture...

Perhaps it might be due to Singaporean culture, always want to go in a rush. I seldom see people drive at ease (relaxedly), always seem to be in a hurry. Especially those taxi drivers who always think about making money in the shortest time possible.

Not Better Than Us (Indonesian)

So they're not better than us, right?


Ngga pernah menyetir di Singapura.

Jadi ngga bisa memberi verdict.

Do people in Indonesia stop

Do people in Indonesia stop at stop signs? I'm curious to know. Your critique of the singaporean driver is incomplete until u have explored how drivers in other countries behave as well. ;-) Anyways, how about coming here to Dili to see how they drive? haha... there are cars that straddle the centre of 2 lanes, cars that never give right-of-way, cars that stop abruptly in the middle of a road and reverse to go somewhere else without a care if there are 20 cars behind or not...and if there were a stop sign here, i can say for sure, no one would even come to 'rolling' stop. Tough luck if you're a pedestrian here. Oh but that's a whole story for another time - pedestrians who look left when the traffic's coming from the right.

Bridgette is correct!

I am talking about Singapore context where Law and Order has been enforced effectively at various levels. Here you will see cameras snapping a photo of your car if you exceed 90km/h on Expressway or when you drive pass a red light. Snap! Snap! And the summon is in the mail for you. I think the Authority should note that disobeying a STOP sign where there are many pedestrians around could be as fatal as speeding on expressway.

I chose not to talk about Jakarta traffic because it is such a chaos already, thus incomparable with Singapore traffic. No enforcement whatsoever (expressway or small roads, doesn't matter). Even SBY is too chicken to want to bring Suharto to court, let alone reckless drivers.

US context

i think indi was comparing to US context. Indonesia.. there's no law there, hence can't be compared.

Singapore Surf

A bit of trivia. Did you

A bit of trivia.
Did you realise that the STOP sign is the only street sign that is octagonal in shape? The reason for this is so that if the street is dark at the junction or if the sign is worn out or covered with snow, etc, drivers cannot claim that they were unaware of it being a "STOP" junction. Now did you also realise that in Singapore, the STOP signs are printed onto a square or rectangular plate? It's an indication of how important it is that driver recognise the sign, let alone obey it. So maybe that explains why the enforcement is so lax? Something to think about....

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