Indonesian Music Concerts and Tobacco Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage

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I am a passive observer of Indonesian music industry and a great admirer of live music performances. However, I find it very hard to understand why large music concerts (jazz or rock or indie-pop or dangdut) in Indonesia are mostly sponsored by tobacco companies.

For example:



Among a dozen of other similar concerts, perhaps we should encourage other consumer products (non-tobacco) companies to be more active in sponsoring Indonesian music concerts just like the tobacco companies do, i.e. established companies such as the Nokias, the Sosros, the Kapal Apis, the Swallows, the Nikons and SONYs, et al.

By the way, if you could guess the demographics of the concert goers in Indonesia, particularly for indie-pop scene such as LA LIGHTS INDIE FEST, what would be your answers? (multiple choice)

a. Mostly female
b. Mostly male
c. Equal male and female proportion

Age Group:
a. Mostly Under 17 years old? (High School students or younger)
b. Mostly Between 17-21 years old? (University/College students)
c. Mostly Between 21-25 years old? (Young Professionals or Graduate students)
d. Mostly Older than 25 years old? (Aspiring Professionals)

After you share with us your answers, do you still think it is appropriate for tobacco companies to be the major sponsors for music concerts, like: LA LIGHTS INDIE FEST?

Thank you for your insights.



some reasons:

1. no cigarettes, no ads?
commercially, those tobacco giants in indonesia are not allowed to
do such campaigns where they portray cigarettes or smoke, or smoking (action) in their campaigns (tv commercial, print ads, billboard) so they hire some agencies to promote their products in alternative ways,like sponsoring rock concerts and other events where the youths; whose are their primary target market are involved, in addition, brand activation is something hot to do nowdays. to "activate" the brand,they support music event and such

2. its a lot money to spend to make such huge music event.
others like nokia,sony,nike will think 2. why bother spending their bucks when they can do advertising without limitation? why not goint to TV?print ads, lot more to do

3. only the giants can do that. first in 80s-90s, log zhelebour was the guy. hes the pioneer in rock concert events,of course,sponsored by PT djarum, the most expansive tobacco giant. others then follow......sampoerna, 234, etc.

4. they have the best EO and ad makers.advertising kills. some people say so

5. keeping the image. somehow the tobacco companies believe that rock music and live performance are the best way to seduce people to smoke. crowd=lifestyle=smoking

5. a monopoly. probably? in this cruel industry,who knows?

i hope i give some insight

good insights


thanks for the insights!

i can understand now if hard rock concerts are sponsored by dji sam soe because of the spirit of toughness it portrays. but how come pop music concerts where you often see "female bands" are also sponsored by tobacco companies?

how successful have tobacco companies been in converting non smokers into smokers by sponsoring popular music concerts?

PS: I remember going to Richard Marx concert in late 1980s where he said on stage, "I don't understand why a tobacco company is sponsoring our concert! I don't even smoke nor like cigarettes!". At that time, Djarum was the main sponsor. Truly, that was a good example of how things have not changed much in Indonesia for over 20 years when it comes to health awareness.

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