Maternalistic World

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Let's write a futuristic story together!

My brain was numbed by the ongoing work and exam, so I tried to refresh my brain by taking a quick break and starting a fictional draft story of a futuristic scenario. You can participate in expanding this fictional scenario too, by editing the wiki. Or please leave a comment below on your suggestions in expanding this scenario. Please do give your suggestions!

The writing is triggered by a question on how would the world look like if women dominates the world and its social structure? Would it be a better place compared to the present paternalistic society? Or not? (Surely the zealots will be irritated by the very concept of female-dominated world). Here, I'm not talking about women dominate the world by becoming more masculine (like most feminist movements pursue currently), but how women dominate the world through its own feminine values.

Maternalistic World

By mid 2100 the world transforms from paternalistic (male controlled) world into maternalistic (female controlled) world.

Maternalistic world reaches its extreme in century 2200 and undergoes another transformation by the paternalistic side before settling into genderless world consensus which prevails as social framework for the next three centuries.


In mid century 2000 human being reaches its peak population size, but slowly and surely the population ages and the size declines. By early 2100 people start to become aware that the human race is facing population crisis, due to the very low birth rate. Technology that aids female fertility cannot help because the female population themselves are on-strike, and focus themselves on climbing corporate ladder and breaking glass ceilings of the paternalistic world. Monetary compensation and incentives do not work in encouraging women to get pregnant.

On the other hand, in the developing world of China, India, and Southeast Asia, female population becomes less than male's, due to the one child policy and selective abortion. This creates a highly respected and highly educated female population, who are joining the pregnancy strike along with the female population from developed countries.

This situation changes the social framework of pregnancy and child-rearing. Women who are willing to get pregnant are being held highly in the society. Social values are redefined to encourage women to get pregnant. Slowly, the male population became less appreciated due to their inability to produce offsprings.

This change in social structure brings about other change in geopolitical situation as well. (how?)

Social Comparison
(to be expanded)

This is a brief comparison of social aspects between Paternalistic and Maternalistic World

War between countries

  • The country with more weapon wins the war
  • The country with more beautiful scenery and neat city wins


  • A person who is focused, specialised, and expert is appreciated
  • A person who is able to multitask, has experience in child-rearing is appreciated

Gender Relationship

  • Men who are "studs" are highly appreciated in the society. Poligamy is a sign of a man's affluence.
  • Women who have a lot of children from a lot of husbands are highly appreciated.


In mid century 2200, the oppressed male population of the earth started to rise for male emancipation, which is pushed by the technology that enables male to be pregnant and to breastfeed. Harvey Chew Bobodo, an afro-chinese genome lab assistant from University of Inuit developed technology for male pregnancy in his secret lab at the basement. Takeshi Todaro, the first male to be pregnant and also Bobodo's first working experiment, leads the male emancipation movement across the globe. Todaro also breastfeeds his baby for three years, which is considered a great achievement in the maternalistic world.

The peaceful activism of male emancipation movement which was initiated by Todaro-Bobodo pushes for social transformation towards a genderless world.


Global Voices

Preetam Rai links this post to Global Voices. Thanks! Any addendum from you to the fiction, Preetam?

Terima Kasihhhhh yaaaakkkk

Terima Kasihhhhh yaaaakkkk rumahnya masih enak aja diinepin... Kebayang dengan anak seperti Noe ... kerja kerasssssss... go Indrani !

male emancipation?

Gosh..why's that sounds sooo scary?

Population decline?

Oh God.. Population declines by 2100? Very nice feeling even at the moment of imagination. Let's hope it happens!

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