SBY: Political Hero, Coward, Fool, Or Genius?

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I bet by now millions of you have heard about this:

"The final decision on closing the case against the 84-year-old Suharto lies with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY)"

And SBY's decision was to stop the case.

Being an Indonesian citizen who had voted for him for presidency I must openly express my disappointment in him.

Quick quiz here for you:

Is SBY a Political Hero, Coward, Fool, Or Genius?

My answer: He now appears more like a COWARD in the eyes of 220-million Indonesians.

Definition of COWARD
Pronunciation: 'kau(-&)rd
Function: noun
: one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity
- coward adjective
Cowardice is a vice. Conventionally it is the corruption of prudence. Cowardice may be considered to be prudence that does not take consequences to their furthest extent.

Moreover, after reading today's Kompas, I became more and more disappointed by his statements:

"Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono akan mengambil sikap seperti yang ada dalam pepatah Jawa, mikul dhuwur mendhem jero (memikul tinggi-menanam dalam-red) dalam menyelesaikan kasus mantan Presiden Soeharto."

As President, SBY should fight and speak the truth, like a real hero does, the one that shows great courage (which he obviously did not do in the context of Suharto case).

PS: Never will I trust SBY again. My future votes will go to someone else. I guarantee it.


I agree with you

i think, most of the politicians in Indonesia were cowards, and themselves were the bad guys. This is cause of "new era" black (every single politician) politicians. And in this reformation era, they use their mask to cover up their sins in past. So they want people knows that they are cleans. Not just in SBY's goverment, but in the representative (DPR) there are lots of ex-new era politicians.
If we want to build up a clean govermence, I think we must cut-off one generation.

Global Voices

Preetam put this posting into Global Voices Online again. Thanks!

damn right

SBY definitely a coward in this bussiness. he was once a soldier right ? so it makes no surprise when he defends that old guy and closed the case. after all that old guy is his patron, isn't he ?

SBY & Suharto

Ignoring SBY's recent visit to Pertamina hospital to see for himself whether Suharto is just a malingering hyperchondriac, wasn't SBY Suharto's adjutant (aide-de-camp/batman/manservant/lackey) once?

I don't think of SBY as a coward so much as a renewed member of the old New Order, a reinvention to fit within changed times. I'm not a voter, but if I were, I'd still be waiting for a better choice than him.

Doktor SBY lack of cultural

Doktor SBY lack of cultural sensitivity. What did he do with the million victims under Suharto cruelty? Mikul dhuwur mendhem jero (memikul tinggi-menanam dalam-red) means work very hard ..!Nothing to do with cover-up ! Send SBY back to Suharto's hospital room, do you think SBY willing to 'mikul or mendhem' Suharto?

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