Swim and Election

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Last week's Labor Day holiday we went for a morning swim at Natasha's place. Luckily the water was really warm. We went to this shallow pool where the babies could roam around freely. Noe managed to master the skill of walking through water.

Noe really loves swimming pool. When he sees a blue pool of water, he would walk towards it and slowly put his feet into the water. He just knows that I or Indi would save him from drowning. For example, during the barbeque session with my classmates in Gillman Heights, Noe just jumped right into the pool, hence I had to roll my trousers and join him.

This weekend was the Singapore Election Day. Many things are happening, but I won't write anything about it. A lot of other blogs have written about it. Just go ahead and search Technorati.

In relation to Singapore's election, Rebecca from Radio 68H Asia Calling came to Singapore to cover the election and she interviewed us to get an opinion from Indonesian who lives in Singapore. This is because Stania referred her to me. So we just shared our opinion to her. Nothing controversial, really. You could just listen to the broadcast later when it's uploaded on Asia Calling website.

Basically Indi spoke more than I do in the interview, because I was busy babysitting Noe (who takes a nap less and less nowadays).


Yes, the Singapore election

Yes, the Singapore election package will be broadcast this week.
See it on http://asiacalling.kbr68h.com
Ran, the interview of Indonesian perspectives living in Singapore will be broadcast in national section. I can send you the copy if it has finished.

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