When A Talk Before Sleep Gets Recorded on the next Day

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With the rising popularity of writing about anything on any web surface like my wife and I do, I have often asked my self:

"Am I really blogging if I only blog when I want to? (instead of more regularly like some bloggers in blogging universe do)"

But then, I think it's just sometimes we don't know which topic we should prioritize on. Or maybe the best time to identify what topics I shall write on this type of blog entry is to "remember what was discussed between Rani and I just before we fell asleep" - the talking points before sleep, that is (or before any other activities that will lead us to sleep).

Interestingly enough, Rani and I often discuss or share our opinions right after I turned the lights off, that is about 10-15 minutes before we both really get turn on... oops... get into our deep sleep. Yes, it is indeed true that when the bedroom lights are off, our minds are becoming more active than when the lights are still on. Have you experienced the same thing, married people?

Unfortunately, whatever topics we brought during the ninth inning often get discarded on the next day when we wake up. So, Can anyone suggest how we should keep track of the last topics we talked about before we fell asleep? Something like a black box that records everything before we crash?


Maybe you can try a tape/

Maybe you can try a tape/ video recorder ?
Errr .. but maybe you should switch it off once you start turned on .. ;-)


Mungkin pepatah kuno "dimana ada niat, di situ ada jalan" berlaku di masalah sampeyan. Diniatkan benar saja, mas...apa iya topik yang dibahas sebelum tidur bisa lenyap tak tersisa setelah (min. 8 jam) tidur :)

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