Hot White Mojito

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Last weekend, I was quite successful in my first attempt to become the bartender of my household. I made mojito, a traditional cuban drink, out of fresh ingredients. I got the recipe from Bacardi. How flattered I was when Indi and Yodhi complimented my mojito!

Although the recipe asks for Rum, you can make the drink as virgin mojito, and it'll be thirst quenching for hot Singapore weather. However, today I tried to make a hot variation of mojito, which would better suit for cold climate/weather. This one is without lime juice.

Hot White Mojito


1 block of white chocolate (100 grams)
1.5 glass of milk
0.5 glass of cream
mint leaves, crushed in 4 glasses
White rum to taste, omit for virgin version
Whipped cream

In au-bain pot, melt white chocolate. Then mix milk and cream, heat until thoroughly mixed. Pour to 4 mugs which has crushed mint leaves. Top-up with white rum to taste. Stir well. Top each mug with whipped cream. Serve.


Sounds yummy. Could you make

Sounds yummy. Could you make the sugar-free version for me? ;))


sure mel, anytime!

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