Indo Sing Mum Picnic

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I called one of my good friends (who are married, with children) to see if they want to attend Indo Sing Mum picnic to be held this Saturday at Botanic Gardens, Singapore.

One of the responses/questions I got about the event is (paraphrased/translated into English): Are there many Indonesian Chinese?

I wonder why such a question?


masya Allah..

masya Allah..

terus terang gue berharap banget, temen yg lo maksud itu baca entry ini dan ngereply di sini. tapi yaa.. ga mungkin kaaaann... masa mau 'perang terbuka'?

sedih banget.. nget.. nget... di sekolah gue & Rani dulu, sekitar 40%nya adalah teman2 non-pribumi. hampir seimbang dengan jumlah kita2 yang Muslim. alhamdulillah jarang banget ada friksi.

what's this all about? prejudice? :(

24 hour

I give you 24 hour, effective from 09/06/2006, to call me on my handphone to explain this shitty blog of yours.


muslim is not an ethnic group


Are you comparing the word Non-Pribumi with the word Muslim in a parallel way?

"Non-Pribumi" refers to ethnic description of people who are not native of the land (Indonesia). This word has been politically used by Indonesian government to label those who have Tiong Hoa link/heritage.

"Muslim" refers to religious description, and unfortunately is often intelinked with some ethnic group by some people.

so, for the sake of clarity. don't mix those words/terms up please. They are two separate talking points.

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