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I have just received a phone call from Askar, whom I trusted. He made this phone call from Cold Storage Supermarket Takashimaya Ngee Ann City. He said that he just saw Mbak Tutut right in front of him, pushing Cold Storage pushcart and doing her grocery shopping. I asked him to really confirm that it was really her. He went another round in Cold Storage and saw Mbak Tutut again, wearing tudung, and pushing her pushcart, without any bodyguards or maids. Her Cold Storage pushcart was full with groceries. I asked my Askar whether she had a lot of shopping items from boutiques, and he said, negative, it was just groceries. I wonder what is Mbak Tutut doing in Singapore? Oh of course, Great Singapore Sale.


I have fixed the regex

I have fixed the regex configuration in the spam custom filter and hopefully anonymous commenting will work again


Hai..rani..tadi jalan2 keblog kamu..terus liat ada nama askar disebut2..wah ternyata kamu kenal askar juga yah?tapi askar yg sama gak yah..anak NUS S1,gede..pake kacamata?bener gak?hehe..matiin kepiting?mskin ke air mendidih sebentar..angkat(pasti mati!)bersihin deh..:)

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