Minang Motor Vehicle

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There are two things that caught our attention during last week’s trip in West Sumatra.
First thing is the unique signs that can be found along the way. Second is how vehicle here is always intricately decorated.

Let me present to you the second thing: about the unique decorations on buses and trucks in West Sumatra.

This is "Zafira" sticker decorated bus

"Antoni " bus with an airbrush painting of a woman in hijab reciting Quran

"Endra Arita" bus and "Alisma Artomoro" bus

"Sobat" (Friend) bus, with an airbrush painting of a lavish house.

"Mataguti" (don't know the meaning) city bus.

Airbrush painting of a minibus

"Flexi" bus with airbrush painting of three people, apparently depicted from indian bollywood movie.

"Cimpago" bus with an airbrush painting of a countryside, an SUV, and a woman in tight dress.

On the left, "Nan Kanduang" bus with an airbrush illustration of a valley scenery and a yellow porsche. On the right, "H. Benny" bus sticker illustration.

"Trisna" ("Prosperity" in Javanese) bus, with an airbrush painting of Borobudur temple.

"Bulian City" bus (means diamond) with an illustration of waterfall on the back side of the bus. The route goes from Bukittinggi to Jambi, Sumatra, Indonesia

Written "Harmoni" with flash style sticker decoration

"Rahmi Palimunthe" with an airbrush painting of a boy on a backside of a truck. Quite freaky.

Finally Intergalactic transport made in Padang. Not really intricately decorated, but still.. unique


indriani yo bana urang

indriani yo bana urang minang asli???kan ndak blesteren jawakan????????????

yo bana urang minang rantau pulo

oi cik uniang ........
dima tampaik usaho uniang tu .....
ambo nio bamain-main ka lapau tampek uniang ba usaho
nak mancibo pulo ambo baa rasonyo oto ambo uniang
coret-coret ... he he he..............

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