Minang Signs

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There are two things that caught our attention during last week’s trip in West Sumatra.
First thing is the unique signs that can be found along the way. Second is how vehicle here is always intricately decorated.

Let me present to you the first thing: about the unique signs that are found along the way.

There are many signs put up to discourage immorality, fornication and adultery. Usually, the signs are quoting holy verses from Quran or Hadith. For example, this one, which is similar to the one found in Mersing in our previous trip. It is translated as: "It is forbidden to be alone, a man with a woman, except that they are muhrims (such as parents or siblings). And women are not allowed to travel, except when accompanied by her muhrims. (Hadith Riwayat Muslim)". Sorry for the weird angle, we took it from a moving vehicle.

This sign says: The culture of shame is a fortress against immorality

This sign says: You are entering West Sumatra Province, the anti-immorality region

We also found many signs that deal with drugs, such as this one. It is translated as: Let’s save West Sumatran generation from drugs. Watch out, drugs have seeped into education institutions as well!

This particular signage (or rather a slogan written on a wall) is written in a military installation building. It says: NKRI (Unitary State of Indonesia) is an absolute value. My life and death: only for the red-white flag (Indonesian flag).

This funny sign was found when we stopped by Payakumbuh to ride horse carriage. Basically, it’s a sign saying that a midwife named Mrs. Net is practicing here. But the sign seems to say that a midwife and an internet café can be found here.

This is a banner in a graduation parade of an Islamic school that says: With our graduates, let’s build a generation that is Quran literate.

This one is a classic hand painted signage seen in Sikuai Island. I love the rustic look of it.


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