Minangkabau Day 1

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Last weekend we did a short trip to West Sumatra. It was Noe's first trip to visit the land of his great-grandmother.

We took Tiger Airways flight 222, from the budget terminal. Noe was really excited when he arrived at the terminal building, because it was so spacious. After checking in, we had breakfast at Han's café, before boarding into the plane. This is our first time taking a flight and had free-seating arrangement. The stewardess told us that we need to sit in the back in order to distribute the load of passenger evenly. I guess the plane won't fly if all the passengers sit in the front only, since the plane's nose would be too heavy to lift.

Noe got more and more energetic everyday. In our previous air travel experience, Noe would just sit calmly on my lap, or sleep. Now, there's no way he would do the same. He's so excited with the new environment and wanted to explore the airplane. So we let him roam around the plane corridor. Luckily the weather was good and there's no turbulence, and Noe could run around without losing his balance.

Noe would try to impress other passengers with his cuteness, and a Malay lady sitting across us would play with Noe. She is on the way to attend her brother's wedding.

When we were about to land, we caught a glimpse of the beautiful West Sumatran scenery from our window, from the majestic Kerinci mountain, to paddy fields, lakes, and beachfront. The sky was clear. Sadly, we could also see patches of land within the rainforest which seems to be deforested area.

We were greeted by Noe's grandparents: Pak Hindro and Ibu Tuti, also Dewi and Adri who were tasked to be the guides for this trip. Then a chartered bus took the whole group to the first destination, the Anai waterfall. I did not get off the bus because Noe dozed off on my lap, so I ended up taking photo of the surrounding stalls near the waterfall.

We then continued to check into our villas. The weather was too nice to stay inside, so we quickly grab our lunch and continue to the spring water natural pool. However, since it was school holiday season, the pool was really crowded, and sadly, the surroundings were quite dirty. At the same time, I was totally puzzled by Indonesian's lack of cleanliness awareness. It's not that there is no trash bin in the area, there are quite a lot of them. But somehow, people just choose to throw away the garbage on the ground where they are picnicking. When I walked towards the pool, I stepped on instant noodle wrapping and pieces of instant noodles. I was really put off by the ground condition.

I was afraid that the Singaporean guests would be put off by such situation. However, the Ho children just went straight to the pool and had a great time, even playing with some local children. For them, it was an unusual experience to swim in a natural spring water pool.

After swimming, we returned to the villa to take a shower and continued our trip to Minang culture museum. Noe was excited to see spacious garden in front of the Minangkabau House.

However, Noe always want to be independent, not realizing that he's still a little baby. Noe was a bit irritated each time Isabella wanted to help him walking around the area. C'mon, Noe, you should realize you're still a one year old baby!

Taking photos in front of the museum
Noe posing with Isabella at traditional Minangkabau house.

More in the museum
Noe with grandma Tuti at traditional Minangkabau house.
Isabella Atkins, the next supermodel from Singapore.

After the museum trip, we went to find horse carriage. Once we found them in downtown Payakumbuh, the Atkins and the Hos decided to take a half-hour ride around town. I stayed back, because Noe is a bit too tired.
Byron, Diah and Isabella Atkins on horse carriage in Padang Panjang.
The Ho family on horse carriage in Padang Panjang.

After the ride, we head back to the villa. But not before buying sate padang at Mak Syukur (SMS). I have been craving for this for a long time! Sate padang is basically marinated beef meat and innards, eaten with rice cake and special kind of curry sauce. It was totally orgasmic, and Mak Syukur is one of the famous places for this.
One of the best Sate Padang stall near Padang Panjang.
Sate Padang on fire! Caliente!.

After resting in the villa for a while, dinner is served at the Café nearby. The menu was total Minangkabau cuisine, ranging from green chili duck to various kinds of balados. After dinner, many of the guests went for Minang massage. At night, some guests stay up to watch World Cup while eating fresh Durian. As for us, we were too exhausted to stay up late, so we slept.


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