Picnic and Reunion

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Last week we had a picnic and a reunion with an old friend.

We went to the Indosing-Mums anniversary picnic in the Botanic Garden. Being a kiasu person, we came much earlier than scheduled, in order to 'cheok' (tag) the gazebo by the Swan Lake. Noe loves the outdoor! He loves feeding the fish, turtles and swan in the pond.

Noe would always chase around other kids and ask them to play with him, but a lot of time he would just grab their toys without asking. He did that because he wanted to play, but he does not know how to ask, and he does not know that he should ask first. I don't know how should I instill the habit to politely ask for something, but I just keep explaining things to him, regardless he really understands it or not.

The picnic was great fun; quite a lot of Indosing-Mums members came with their husbands and kids, so many of them that I have difficulty remembering everybody's names. Perhaps a database with photo would come handy? And the food was really excellent too! I couldn't stop eating Hany's satay, Inong's chicken bread, and Ellen's siomay. However, the weather was a bit too hot so we had to strip Noe down to his diaper.

More photos of the picnic can be found on Inong's Fotki and Mela's Fotki.

After the picnic, we went home and I cooked lunch. Since we bought a pack of alligator meat from Carrefour the day before, we decided to give it a try. I cooked it Cajun style: Blackened Alligator with Cajun seasoning. It was pretty simple, just season the meat with Cajun Seasoning, and smother it with melted butter, then brown it on a pan. However, we made a mistake by buying the hock part of the alligator, which was the cheapest, but was also the toughest. Our teeth were challenged. Nevertheless, it was quite delicious, if only the meat was tender.

Noe's getting ready to have his alligator

The next day, we had a small reunion with Bridgette who has been living in East Timor for the past one year and her mom, Auntie Wong, whom we haven't been in touch for the past couple of years. We took him for dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant: Lotus Thai at Tanjong Pagar. She introduced us to Armando Lay, her good looking other half.

From the conversation, it was apparent that Bridgette really fell in love with East Timor and yearned to go back. And indeed, she is coming back to Timor today. We wish you good luck Bridge, and hope you would always pursue your passion.

In the restaurant, Mr. Phasit shared with us that his business is doing pretty well; he's expanding by acquiring a Vietnamese-thai food stall at Oscar food court in Anchorpoint. Congrats to him!


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