Second Time Being Sick

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Exactly one month ago Noe was down with series of illnesses and accidents. We were really worried. First, he fell and bumped his nose so hard that he cried inconsolably and the nose became swollen and blue. A few days later, he had a high fever and refused to eat or drink. At night, he couldn’t sleep because he felt really uncomfortable. After he fully recovered from the viral infection, he got food poisoning.

Basically, for almost one month from mid May to early June, the whole Indrani household was infected by various diseases and accidents. After Noe recovered from viral infection, Rani got viral infection combined with mastitis (because Noe did not drink much milk while sick), and her fever got as high as 40 celcius. Then, when Rani started to recover, Indi and Noe both got infected by food poisoning.

When Noe was feverish and unable to eat or drink, we were really worried that he would get dehydrated. At night Noe refused to drink or eat for more than 10 hours. We were trying to make him drink water to avoid dehydration and to reduce his fever, but to no avail. Even the suppositories that we administered did not work. So we took him to NUH emergency at 2am at night, and the doctor there decided to give him additional medication for the fever. At 7am, finally the fever subsided and Noe regained his appetite. He happily played with the nurses in the hospital.

Actually the doctor in the hospital also advised us not to easily panic each time our baby becomes sick. She gave us a guidelines on how to handle fever, which Rani translated into Indonesian. But how to not panic? It was breaking our heart seeing Noe ill. This was the second time he got sick ever since he was born. He lost quite a lot of weight due to this illness. Luckily, after one month, he recovered the lost weight. Hopefully he will always stay in the pink of health.


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