Singapore Government and Online Auctions

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Some of you may have read Rani's writing entitled How online auction works in Singapore.

Given the fact that most Singapore-based online auction sellers and buyers ("participants") do not act according to the international norms that you normally see happening in Singapore Yahoo! Auctions and eBay Singapore (US and Europe being the best example of how online auction should be conducted), I was wondering if you any of you have channels to the Singapore government entity that has the power to regulate how buyers and sellers behave.

I am saying this because 99.9% Singaporeans tends to perfectly obey what the government instructs them to do so and what better way than to ask the Singapore government to help us create a fair play among sellers and buyers in the Singapore Yahoo! Auctions and eBay Singapore.

Singaporeans or a Singapore Permanent Residents have used SingPass for quite some time now and perhaps it is time for Singapore Yahoo! Auctions and eBay Singapore to integrate their database system so that buyers and sellers are well-protected using SingPass network. It would ideal if good sellers/buyers should receive SingPass credits (gain some CPF money!) and vice versa - bad sellers/buyers should lose SingPass credits (or lose their CPF money!).

The reason why I am writing this is because Singapore Yahoo! Auctions and eBay Singapore do not seem to be interested in reinforcing the rules of the game to the full extent (in other words, Singapore buyers and sellers do not honor the prevailing rating system).

If you have better suggestions please let me know. And if you are in the Ministries that deal with trade and finance, I'd be more than happy to discuss this with you.


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