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We arrived home from West Sumatra and found our website full of spam, thousands of them, and the mysql table crashed. This is crazy! has a quite low readership, so the spammer is making bad judgment by trying to hijack this website. readers wouldn’t be able to see the comment and trackback spam because they were trapped by Drupal’s spam module. However, although the Bayesian filer in the spam module does a good job in classifying spam, it did not automatically delete those spams, nor ban the IP address. This means I had to manually delete those thousands of spams, and it got tiring after a while. Particularly, when we were in Sumatra, a Russian IP address spammed our website and somehow got through the spam module no matter what custom filter I used. It appears that this activity caused the mysql table to crash.

So I decided to step up the anti-spam measure after administrator rectified the mysql table crash issue. Sorry, Jeremy, your spam module is just not enough. I read that bad behavior module does a good job in dealing with spams by blacklisting bad IP addresses, so I decided to install it. A few minutes upon installation, the bad behavior showed the fruit of its effort, as reflected in the log. However, the particular Russian IP address still managed to get through bad behavior module, somehow. After much consideration, I decided to add the troll module in order to manually ban an IP address. Then, it seemed that the spam is reduced quite significantly.

But no! The spam attack was diverted into the shoutbox. Somehow activity in the shoutbox is not tracked in the logs or anywhere. And troll module does not seem to block shoutbox activities. Therefore I decided to retire my shoutbox. Bye bye, shoutbox! Anyway, the shoutbox cluttered my sidebar.

This is the flipside of Drupal’s flexibility and expandability. Also, this is part of the difficulty of using independent engine rather than relying to hosted service such as blogger. Perhaps I should consider publishing blog entries in several websites, just in case, just like what Mr. Budi Rahardjo is doing.

Next pending job is to write the travelogue of our West Sumatran trip. Also, I hope I could find time to write about an effort by someone to censor Also, actually, I want to upgrade to latest version of Drupal but I don’t think I have the time yet.


Is the backlinks that they are after

Is not so much of the spammer hoping to get clicks from your reader. They are expecting to boost their search engine position by creating linking back to their website.

What I do is I block the domain names that they put as a link on their comments.

Re: Is the backlinks that they are after

Bener juga elo, gue ga kepikiran. Kenapa ya akhir akhir ini spam tambah banyak aja dan anehnya IP addressnya tambah random gitu? gue ga terlalu ngerti sih bgmn mekanisme internet bekerja..

Iya tadinya gue juga begini masukin ke filter satu2. Tapi cape juga lama2..
ternyata ga ada spam filter yg sempurna. Pengen coba akismet sih, tapi kudu upgrade dulu engine yg skrg.

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