West Sumatra Bound

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Some say that what they like the most about Singapore is when they "leave" it, not when they "live" in it.

I am saying this because we are about do another getaway and experience "leaving it".

West Sumatra, it is. And we are going with about 20 happy friends from Singapore and will stay at Anai Golf & Mountain Resort, where my dad works, at 600m elevation.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the pure beauty of the place, perhaps I can give you some appetizer about West Sumatra.

Among other things, here is a list of what we want to do:

-Play at least two rounds of golf (let Noe roll on the nice greens).
-Watch fireflies at night long.
-Swim in natural spring water pool.
-Immerse ourselves in a pool beneath a 50m waterfall.
-Eat ganja-seasoned green chili duck (original cuisine of Bukittinggi)
-Hike around Maninjau Lake

If you live in Singapore and want to join us between 17-20 June 2006, all you need is a Tiger Airways ticket to fly from Singapore's Changi Budget Terminal to
Minangkabau International Airport.

If you want to see where Anai resort is on satellite image, go to this
Google Map website. You can see the golf course layout.

Or if you have an airplane, just fly to this coordinate:



To me, flying back and forth is the best part than being in either country. I like the whole experience of getting the cheapest tickets available at the last minute, the rushing to the airport sensation when I gotta catch a flight, and the whole im on top on the world feeling when im in the plane.

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