Come Join Us: Pilgrimage to Cuba

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In light of our preparation to visit Cuba in December 2006, Rani and I have been reading so many books about the place as well as watching films with the same subject.

If you have an interest in Cuba, Fidel Castro or Che Guevara, I'd like to recommend you to watch a documentary film on Fidel Castro that I borrowed from National Library in Singapore. The film title is "Fidel: The Untold Story", a film by Estella Bravo readily available at Please, let me know what you think about the film, good or bad.

I hope it is not an exagerration in my part to refer to our upcoming travel to Cuba as a "pilgrimage", as it is indeed a term primarily used in religion and spirituality of a long journey or search of great moral significance. The story about Cuba, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara has indeed made a great impact on how Rani and I see the world we live in.

Cuba is not sacred to us but we sincerely hope that, by being there and immersing ourselves with the Cuban culture, our beliefs and faith in humanity will be reinforced and that we will seek enlightenment on what it takes to stand firm (just like Asterix and Obelix against the Roman Empire).

As for Noe, I believe he would be genuinely interested to dance to Mambo, Son, Rhumba and the sound of waves crashing on El Malecón.

Come join us for a pilgrimage to Cuba.



will you blog from Cuba?

will you blog from Cuba? would love to read that!

i know nothing about cuba, but

didn't castro and che hate each other?

no they were gay lovers

no they were gay lovers

i'll join you

yes, yes, yes.... i'll join you! and we'll blog together from cuba (imposkable, jose!)...

kapan perginya

oom indi, kapan perginya .... boleh ikutan engga ....

Fidel and che are murdering

Fidel and che are murdering no good for nothing bastards. anyone that thinks that they are heros are not only stupid, But have not really searched the records for truth... In my family I have uncles that were murdered my che and fidel in the name of communist. also they are not real communist. he is a dictator only looking for his
own financial wealth..... thank god Che is dead and I only hope that Fidel, Raul and anyone else that helped cuba become the the junk city that it is today also die. I hope the US will one day take over Cuba and allow freedom to control. I hope that My Father and Mother will be Alive the day it happens.

Fidel Castro ends up in hospital after seeing movie called...

Fidel Castro sees Filmmaker Luis Moro's movie Love & Suicide -
and ruptures his intestine. Castro is immediately hospitalized
when he finds out Love & Suicide, the movie is screenings in Miami,Florida USA at AMC Theatres starting this August 11th. Cubans in Miami cheer in the streets.

Castro said he was delegating power in Cuba to his brother because

"he did not want to be around when Cuban's in Miami see the real Cuba

in the film Love & Suicide. They're going to come and get me when they see Love & Suicide." Fidel said, holding his guts in.

"Seeing the movie Love & Suicide caused an acute intestinal crisis with sustained bleeding,"

said a statement signed by Castro and read out by his official aide Carlos Valencia.

White House spokesman Peter Piper said he didn't want to speculate on
Castro's physical health. "But mentally, Love & Suicide, the movie scared Castro."

"Given the films success, we are monitoring the writer Luis Moro closely as Love & Suicide screens around the world."

As a country, we continue to work for the day when 'The Cuban Evolution' Luis Moro started reaches everyone." Mr. Piper also told reporters. "Mr. Bush will be holding a private screening to educate congress and the senate on the films theme."

Castro, who's been in power since 1959 and turns 80 on August 13, two days after Love & Suicide opens in AMC Theatres at the famous Coconut Grove in Miami, Florida; yelled, "MORO, MORO, MORO!"

Fidel Castro blamed Love & Suicide's profound impact on him as the reason for his pre-resignation move.

People around the world are overwhelming buying tickets for the upcoming screenings in Miami.

For show times and tickets visit or call (305)

Visit for updates and additional screening in New Mexico, Ohio and California.

You're in "The Cuban Evolution."
LOVE & SUICIDE, the movie


WHEN: Starting August 11th.


3015 Grand Avenue

Coconut Grove, FL 33133



Or Call: (305) 466-0450.

thanks for the movie info

I want to see the screening so badly before we go to Cuba. I am watching the preview now.

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