Dadiah - Traditional Yogurt from West Sumatra

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When we went to Padang last month, we splurged on traditional Minang food that we missed so much, such as Sate Padang, Bebek Lado Ijo (with happy seasoning), many kinds of Sambal Lado and Gulai, and the special grilled fish from Lake Maninjau, grilled banana, and sanjai crackers. We took the opportunity to get Dadih or Dadiah, traditional minang water buffalo yogurt which is fermented in bamboo container covered with banana leaf.

My mom (a native Bukittinggian) said that dadih is usually eaten for breakfast, mixed together with ampiang (traditional rice krispies) and coconut sugar. My other minang friend told me that he usually eat dadih with hot rice and sambal. I have only tried the first version, and next time would love to try the hot and spicy dadiah.

We bought some containers of Dadih at Pasar Diatas in Bukittinggi for about 50 cents SGD each. It holds about 200 ml of yogurt. When we opened the leaf cover, we could smell fermented milk, a very sharp yogurt smell.

When eaten without sugar, its texture is like soft soya beancurd with just a little sharp tang in it. Unlike yogurt, the curdle holds itself together like soft cheese or pudding, rather than melts like creamy yogurt.

Since right now I don’t have coconut sugar, I used white sugar. It tasted great for dessert.

Many of our friends hesitated to try it, because it is made from milk of an unusual origin – water buffalo.

Some links about Dadiah / Dadih


interesting.. gw blom pernah

interesting.. gw blom pernah ke Sumbar nih, padahal laki gw asli Pariaman :D


looks delicious, tapi buset...kebo aer!! mikirnya jadi udah males! lol

Kunjungan Pertama

Halo Mbak Indrani, salam kenal,
ini kunjungan pertama neeh, jadi nya komennya gak nyambung
gak papa kan

Water Buffalo Milk?

I can safely say that I have never had Buffalo Milk before.

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