Rani and Noe are Harvard Bound

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This morning I took Rani and Noe to Changi Airport to fly to Boston for a week. This will be the first trans-pacific travel for Noe and also the first long-haul trip with a young toddler for Rani (yup, Noe gets an infant airfare, not child).

Don't ask me how she did it, but Rani seemed to be one of the luckiest mothers on earth to have a special invitation and sponsorship to attend Wikimania 2006.

Wikimania 2006, the second annual international Wikimedia conference, will be held August 4–6 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, within the Harvard Law School campus. Both a scientific conference and a community event, Wikimania brings together members of the various Wikimedia projects in order to exchange ideas, build relationships, and report on research and project efforts. It also provides an opportunity for Wikimedians and the general public alike to meet and share ideas about free and open source software, free knowledge initiatives, and wiki projects worldwide. More about Wikimania...

Before attending Wikimania, Rani and Noe will visit Portland, Maine, the land of lobsters and maple syrup. It is also the place where I first got the taste of living in America. If time permits, I encouraged Rani to visit Cape Elizabeth High School, a place where they "taught" me (almost) everything about life. Rani will also introduce herself and Noe to my former host-families (The Yorks and the Barths).

The Wilburs family, who own the best chocolate and candy factory in New England, will host Rani and Noe over at their house in Freeport, Maine. Since Rani is also an outdoor enthusiast, she should also visitLL Bean .

Bygolly, it is only less than a day but I miss Rani and Noe already :)


whoa, that's awesome! was

whoa, that's awesome! was noe invited as well? how come you're not going with them?


TOB BGT DAH! Sip sip sip.. moga2 sehat2 aja n lancar perjalanannya. Ditunggu crita critinya kalo dah balik.

me not smart enough

haha me not smart enough for wikimaniacs! :)

whoaaaaa.. great! selamat

whoaaaaa.. great! selamat Ran, lo emang lucky, tapi juga emang kompeten buat itu :). enjoy your trip ya!

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