Rani the Aries and Indi the Virgo

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I am not a great fan of horoscopes but I find some 90% truth in what has been prescribed for a relationship/marriage between an Aries (Rani) and a Virgo (Indi).


And here is the suggestion to the Aries woman (with some important ones underlined by me):

The Virgo native is a thinking individual who lives more cerebrally than physically. The Aries native is an action packed go-getter who dislikes spending too much time standing in the same place...after all, there are worlds to be conquered. If this pair can develop mutual hobbies and habits, then there will be common ground on which to base a relationship but lacking this type of sharing would eventually make life unbearable for both partners. Indeed, this relationship could deteriorate to the point where, instead of listening to each other, both would be trapped in an endless round of putting down the other's suggestions and ideas for improving the situation. If this tendency is not recognized and checked early, there will be little chance of surviving the personality clashes and before long, there will be a parting of the ways with each partner branching off in a different direction. Virgo individuals are caring souls, willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others and Aries should not grow impatient with this trait since there is no other Sign of the Zodiac better equipped to take care of those in ill health as is the Virgo subject. In the romantic arena, Virgo will probably be too ready to please the Aries partner, going along with all of his or her suggestions. However, Aries may feel that Virgo should on occasion display his or her own incentive. If this does not happen, then the Aries partner is bound to become restless. The bossy Aries native is not likely to take Virgo's criticisms kindly, even if they are well intended. Indeed, any form of criticism is prone to undermine the Aries sense of discovery and throw him or her into depression. This match could succeed, but only if much effort is employed by both individuals.

Initially, these two may think they have nothing to learn from each other and development of the relationship will take time. In many ways, these individuals are total opposites. Aries is brash, dominant and aggressive, constantly jumping into new experiences and almost always impatient. Virgo is extremely detail-oriented, quiet and even shy, working patiently toward long-term goals. The energy associated with Aries is fiery and impetuous, while the energy associated with Virgo is far slower and more grounded. Still, it is these differences that can teach Aries and Virgo so much...if each will only look beneath the other's surface. Early in the relationship, these two may be able to see nothing but each other's faults. The Virgo partner will probably consider Aries too much of a daredevil be far too brash and the Aries partner will regard Virgo as way too fussy. However, if each focuses on the strengths of the other, the will discover a great deal. Aries can teach Virgo about fun and excitement...Virgo can teach Aries how to be patient and attend to details, coupled with the knowledge that little things...and moments...are also important. In addition, Aries can show Virgo how to take things less seriously and Virgo can instruct Aries on politeness and the value of hard work.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Virgo is ruled by the the planet Mercury. The Aries native wants to rush out and fight without wasting any time on preparation or strategy. Conversely, the Virgo native wants to analyze everything ahead of time and work out all the details before taking action. Such opposite approaches can result in strife and this pair must make a conscious effort to learn the other's methods rather than allowing the other's natural rhythm to create discord and distraction. Aries is governed by the element of Fire while Virgo is governed by the element of Earth. Thus, where the Aries native will be driven by fiery impetuosity, the Virgo native will be grounded and practical. By nature, Virgo weighs all the options prior to devoting any serious effort, while Aries simply sees what he or she wants and immediately dives in the deep end. This is true in both career and personal relationships, which can prove to be something of a stumbling block. If the Aries native has decided that he or she wants a relationship with Virgo, frustration could reign for quite some time while the Virgo native makes up his or her mind regarding whether this will be a good idea. Aries is Cardinal in quality while Virgo is Mutable. Thus, the Virgo partner will harbor no desire to be leader or boss...he or she will be perfectly content to follow all of the suggestions made by Aries. On the other hand, the Aries partner will definitely want to make those suggestions...every time and all the time. This can be a beneficial dynamic if the pair are working as a team toward a common goal. In short, these two are very effective in a team situation, be it business or personal. The inherent characteristics of both, opposite in so many ways, can make for a highly complementary relationship.

In essence, this combination may prove to be a little difficult. Generally, Virgo is too fault-finding and precise for the Aries personality. Where the Virgo partner will be logical and analytical, the Aries partner will be impatient. This is a match that can succeed...and could well be dynamic...provided the two are prepared to work together, but it will be a constant challenge. Longevitiy can only be attained if Aries allows his or her Virgo partner to have sufficient space.


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