Space Invaders Brings back Vivid Childhood Memory

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Space Invaders was the first video game that I ever played in an arcade. My father used to take us (Anggi, Indi and Yodhi) to Mayestik (Majestic) in South Jakarta during on weekends in the early 1980s. He gave us coins to play this marvelous game of Space Invaders because we never owned ATARI, Nintendo nor VCR (we were poor, you see).

Now, a bunch of French pixels came up with the idea of doing a motion picture based on the game itself.



that's funny. we also never

that's funny. we also never owned VCR, DVD/VCD player and video games. at least until our computers were capable of playing videos and my wife's brothers forgot to bring his aging PS2 because he had a brand new XBOX.

and we used to wonder what was that 'voltus' thing they kept saying about.

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