What is the benefit of being Indonesian? (as compared to being Malaysian)

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Other than having the right to own land in Indonesia (preferably by square meters not by cubic meters), what else do you think are the benefits of being Indonesian (as compared to being Malaysian)?

If you compare what I call "Global Accessibility" between Indonesia and Malaysia, here is the least of what I discovered so far:

-United Arab Emirates

These countries above require an Indonesian passport holder to apply for a visa. However, the same countries listed above do not require a Malaysia passport holder to apply for a visa.

The list above is based on countries that are of my business/travel interests. If you have more countries that you think should be on the list, please let me know. Remember, I am only comparing the "Global Accessibility" between Indonesia and Malaysia.

My point is: if you are a world traveller from Indonesia, you are doomed. You have to spend some time and money processing the visas.

Note: Indonesians do not have to apply for visa when entering almost all ASEAN countries, Peru and Chile. So why can't our "Departemen Luar Negeri" fight for the same rights/privileges for the listed countries above? I thought we have an embassy in almost every important nation on earth whose jobs include lobbying the local government for better relations and accessibility.


duh, banyak negara lain u/ malay

Tambahan negara yg bisa dimasuki Malaysian tanpa visa:
- Romania
- Turkey
- Hungary
- Australia (butuh visa, tapi cukup apply pake ETA, kayak org2 dari UK dan negara2 Eropa lainnya)

dan kayaknya masih banyak lagi....


Indonesians need to apply for a label visa to enter Australia, while Malaysians, similar to Singaporeans and some other countries, only need to apply for an electronic visa (ETA) which can be done online and approved within minutes.

BTW Indi, I'm requesting your (or Rani's) permission to add your blog to Planet Singapura. Sekedar ngrame-ramein, the more the merrier. :) Is it OK? :)


terima kasih!

Mas Indra,

Terima kasih! Boleh saja kita masuk Planet Singapura asal ndak perlu visa :)

Terima kasih kembali. :)

Sudah saya add, ngga perlu visa kok. :)

susah diyakinkan

So why can't our "Departemen Luar Negeri" fight for the same rights/privileges for the listed countries above?

gue rasa bapak menlu agak susah meyakinkan negara-negara laen kalau negara kita sebenernya ngga punya ribuan ekstrimis dan teroris yang siap meledakkan diri kapan aja.

masuk batam aja bisa jadi sulit

apalagi kalau kebatamnya pake boat. kalau bisa ribet ngapain dibikin gampang! xixixi....
mau bikin paspor...harganya bisa lebih tinggi dari normalnya!
mo kluar terbang kenegara lain...bayar dulu pajaknya!
jadi mo berkliaran didalam negeri sendiri aja ribet apalagi keluar negri

Kerja Apa?

ya itu, akhirnya ngapain aja sih orang² dubes kita di luar...jalan² doang ya :(

Azhari was a Malaysian not Indonesian


Maybe you are right about that but how about this:

Dr. Azhari was a Malaysian and he was one of the biggest mastermind of terrorist acts but yet Malaysia seems to have better results in terms of lobbying for Global Accessibility.


Ndi, gue dulu juga pernah ngomelin hal serupa, tapi jaman dulu belum ada blog, adanya cuman usergroup kl gak salah.
Anyway, yg gua dapet dari omelan gue dulu adalah hub antara negara (at least utk visa visa-an) adalah reciprocal. I will do you the way you do me. So kalau Indonesia memperlakukan visa visa-an ke negara X maka negara X akan memperlakukan visa-visa-an.
In the case of the former/neo colonizers, or rich countries, they want some assurance that your poor and huddled masses, your prosecuted, discriminated people have enough money to sustain their stay and most importantly a ticket back to where they came from.
Now add to this the problem of being a male muslim between 17-45 coming from a large islamic nation known to be a favorite recruiting spot for 'fundamentalists' or 'bombers' or whatever...


apa ya enaknya jadi orang Indo di banding jadi orang Malay?

2 hak yg please jangan dicabut pemth indonesia

pertama , hak untuk ketawa

kedua, hak untuk ke luar negeri

udah itu aja deh ... abis bener2 desperate sich kalau mikiran beginian.

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