2 Aug - Maine Dinner

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Today I just plan to go easy with Noe and let him adjust to the new surroundings slowly. Noe woke up at 4am and I tried to put him to bed again, but couldn't. So we decided to take a walk along the peninsula, through the woods. It was a nice place with rural atmosphere. Noe ended up chasing cats.


Tom and Catherine had to go for a morning meeting, so we stayed at their house. Tom and Catherine never lock their house, that's how safe rural Maine is. We had English muffin for breakfast. After Sesame Street, Noe fell asleep again. I just let him sleep as long as he wanted to and whenever he wanted to. In the mean time, I run some errands through the phone: discussing air tickets with Indi, confirming my dorm to the conference organizer, arranging baby sitting service during conference, and book hostel for the next week after the conference.

In the afternoon, we took a walk by the beach and collected some sea shell which could make music for Noe. But the sun was too hot to stay outside for too long. At that time, there was this heat wave coming along the East Cost of USA, where temperature in Boston and New York reached over 100F. So, the weather in Maine was as hot as a hot morning time in Singapore.

At around 1pm, Sue, a lady that cleans the Wilbur's house, came. She was a really chatty lady.

At 3.30pm Joanna, Andy and Evan, arrived to pick us up for dinner. After saying goodbye to Sue, she hugged us and hoping to see us again. Then we're off to Diane's house. Back at Diane's house, we changed the babies' diapers, clothes and let them get to know each other. And obviously, Noe has gotten over his jetlag, which is great, and sooner than I expected.


At 5pm we're off to the The Village Cafe, which was Indi's favorite restaurant when he was living with the Yorks family in Maine. It was really a baby friendly restaurant. I ordered the famous Maine Lobster with fried clams while Noe ordered chicken parmigiana. We had calamari as appetizer. It was really excellent.

However, Noe did not want to let me eat the lobster alone. So I had to eat the lobster with Noe dangling onto me. It was quite difficult, but I survived. Diane and Joanna taught me how to open a lobster, which was not as easy as it looks. Being a veteran crab eater, I didn't have much difficulty BUT Noe was breastfeeding at the same time. So I have to learn a new skill of eating lobster singlehandedly.



We then drove Diane back to her house, and we continued for a coffee. We wanted to go to O'Naturals, but it was closed, and we ended up in Dunkin Donuts. We had a long chat about things and about Indonesia. Joanna still speaks Indonesian very fluently, even the slang. She recalled when a cashier in Hero supermarket commented that "this white person has acnes" in Indonesian, without realising that she understood it.

We arrived back at Wilbur's place at 10pm and crashed into the bed.


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