Cuba : Love & Suicide

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The first narrative-feature film shot in Cuba in 47 years is now available for you to see. It is called Love & Suicide by Luis Moro. Rumor has it that Fidel Castro watched Love & Suicide - and ruptured his intestine. Castro was immediately hospitalized
when he finds out Love & Suicide, the movie was to be screened in Miami,Florida USA at AMC Theatres starting this August 11th.

PS: I had similar problems in 1994 - I seriously ruptured my appendix, which was attached to my intestine. And now here I am, cherishing every single moment for the rest of my life with Rani.


Cuba today!

Cuba is a country of contrasts with wonderful beaches and wonderful people, but with a political regime forgotten somewhere in the past. With no intention of reforming, the Castro regime controls all the spheres of the Cuban life, censoring all forms of art, destroying any form of political opposition!

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