Fidel Castro's Message to the World

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Fidel is not well but his spirit is always healthier than average people in the world.

Here is a copy of what he said translated from Spanish:

What is important is that everything in the country is running and will continue to run perfectly well

Fidel’s message to the Cuban people and friends around the world:

"I cannot invent good news, because that would not be ethical, and if the news were bad, the only one who is going to take advantage of that is the enemy. In the specific situation of Cuba, due to the plans of the empire, my state of health becomes a secret of state that cannot be divulged constantly; and the compatriots should understand that. I cannot fall into the vicious circle of parameters of health that constantly fluctuate throughout the day.

I can say that the situation is stable, but any real evolution of one’s state of health requires the passing of time.

The most that I can say is that the situation has to remain stable for many days before a verdict can be given.

I am very grateful for all the messages from our compatriots and many other people in the world.

I am sorry to have caused so much concern and trouble to friends throughout the world.

In terms of my spirits I am perfectly well.

What is important is that everything in the country is running and will continue to run perfectly well.

The country is prepared for its defense by the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the people.

Our compatriots will know everything in due time, as was the case when I had my fall in Villa Clara.

We must fight and work."

August 1, 2006, 5:30 p.m.

PS: We hope to see Castro during our December trip to Havana (if we get lucky!). For some reason, these folks are actually happy to see Castro getting sick.


If you see Fidel

Indi, if you see fidel, please send him my gratitude as an Indonesian for the help from the people of Cuba to the victims of the Java's tsunami.

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