damn haze

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Damn haze. The whole house is coughing and I have sore throat with slightly runny nose and sneezing (allergic reaction). Noe became fussy and lethargic. The blockage in my nasal area caused disturbing headache. ARRGH!! And we don't have air conditioning system at home, so we had to keep the window open or else we would be steamed inside the house. And all Indonesia does is apologize without doing anything.

Update: AC does not make any difference in avoiding the smoke (unless the room is equipped with air cleaner). From NEA Website:

During a smoke haze, the fine particulates enter an air-conditioned building through the fresh air intake and by infiltration through openings and gaps. The particulate levels indoor can thus build up to unacceptable levels. This could have undesirable health effect on the occupants of the building and adversely affect the efficiency of the air-conditioning system.


iya,Rani juga semoga cepet

iya,Rani juga semoga cepet sembuh ya..Selama Ramadhan ini aku 2x kena batuk pilek.hiks..padahal dah lama juga gag kena flu

cepet sembuh..

cepet sembuh ran..jangan lupa minum vitamin dan air putih. aduh semoga ujan ya..
btw, terakhir gue ketemu elo tahun lalu pas masih hamil noe..skg noe udh 1 tahun 7 bulan. time flies.

not in ina?

wow, cant imagine how bad the air gets..

cepet sembuh ya neng. gw jg

cepet sembuh ya neng. gw jg bersin2 mulu nih, idung gatel, mata gatel. rese tuh tiap kebakaran bisanya cuman minta maap. kalo minta maap doang sih gw jg bisa kaliiiii...

sebelum senja Ramadhan

sebelum senja Ramadhan menghilang, sebelum gema takbir berkumandang, kami ucapkan mohon maaf lahir batin utk Rani dan keluarga

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