Goodbye MacBook, Hello ThinkPad!

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Sometimes quick buying decisions must be made (or re-made) when you soon realized that a new product that you like is not always up to your expectations.

Through NUS' subsidized scheme we took the opportunity to order a MacBook last Saturday due to our interest to evangelize others about the concept of pluralism in personal computing (well, MacBook supposedly could run both Windows XP and Mac OS intended to serve disciples who are too shy to convert religion but willing). However, after thorough investigation over various user-group websites, such as Macintouch, we have decided not to change religion at all because MacBooks are known to have this disease called Random Shutdowns. Although such a problem can be repaired we feel that it is best not to take a risk at all especially since we want to a laptop/notebook handy during our Mexico/Cuba trip in December (as for Indi, reliability factor is his top priority). *Plus, we learned from some reliable source that Apple' customer service in Singapore is not up to standard (?).

Thus, after a sleepless night pondering about the concept of pluralism in personal computing we woke up the next morning with a decision in mind: stick with the religion that you are with for now. Yes, we are back to support the legacy of the Big Blue, whose products have been known to withstand hard knocks and legendary status continued by Lenovo. We cancelled our MacBook and ordered a ThinkPad X60S, instead. It is a 1.3kg little black machine with quite a punch. We'll tell you more about it after we give it some juice overnight.

Until then.

PS: I am still in love with the concept of pluralism (or totally switch to Mac after using Yodhi's G5) but maybe not for now. I want to wait until MacBooks are more mature. Or, maybe even total conversion to Ubuntu...someday?



aaah, i am disappointed you're not converted to Mac yet... but well, should admit that MacBook isn't stable yet. Btw, i've been using Mac powerbook for 3 years and it never crashed, not even once!

X60s Supermarvelous

Had it since March and I love it! Take it with me anywhere. Thinkpad user since 2000 and this is the best!

Viva ThinkPad

Aduh senangnya dapat subsidi.....
I have been using ThinkPad i Series since 2001. Not the top-of-the range model but I am satisfied with it. I have to find a replacement now, another ThinkPad for sure, as the case is crumbling down from various severe impacts hehehe. I love ThinkPad for its TrackPoint. I guess not many makers are having TrackPoint now, opting for the silly Touchpad. But alas, X60 is beyond my budget.

itulah masalahnya yang

itulah masalahnya yang dihadapi mac ketika bersekutu dengan intel. tapi sekarang sekarang ini mac book pro oke banget kok :D

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